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Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships in USA 2021

Alfred Friendly Press Partners in the USA invites applications for the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships open to professional journalists from developing countries.

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships are six-month professional fellowships offered once a year to professional journalists from developing countries and emerging markets. Friendly Fellows work full time at U.S. host news organizations while developing their journalism skills.

Early-career professional journalists from emergent nations with adeptness in English language can apply for a six-month fellowship program. Alfred Friendly offers fellows with basic and advanced practical instruction at the Missouri School of Journalism and places them in top U.S. newsrooms. Applicants work as staff reporters in their host news studio are needed to develop training plans that they execute when they return to their home news studio.

The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships start with a three-week orientation and training workshop at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri structured to prepare the fellows – both individually and professionally – for the challenges of residing and working in the United
States. At the middle of the program, fellows and staff gather to attend workshops focused on writing, editing, multimedia reporting and investigative reporting/Computer-Aided Reporting. A final workshop in Washington enables them to compare and assess
their experiences and talk about their impressions of the American media, and to learn and practice presentations to make in their home nations to share what they’ve learned with colleagues.

Worth of Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships

  • The Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships cover all costs of program-related international and domestic U.S. travel, health insurance and provides a monthly stipend to cover basic living expenses. It is highly recommended that fellows bring additional money with them.
  • While relatives may visit for up to one month, they cannot go with the fellow for the duration of the fellowship program.

Eligibility for Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships

The successful applicant will be 25-35 years old and have a minimum of three years of experience as a journalist at a print, online or broadcast media channel.

How to Apply for Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships

To submit an application, download the application form through their website, fill and submit to the email provided.

A finished application includes ALL items. Please tick the boxes next to the items as you complete them. Applications are only taken by email. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  1. APPLICATION FORM. The application form must be completed in full. Please attach one additional page to the application form if more space is needed to answer questions.
  2. CV/RÉSUMÉ. A curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé that outlines your professional and educational history. Briefly explain your responsibilities and accomplishments in each job. The CV/résumé should be one to two pages, typed and in English.
  3. ESSAYS. Each of the essays should be one to two pages, 400 to 800 words, typed and in English. 1. Professional Statement. Please describe your journalistic experience, career plans and goals, and how you will work in and outside your home newsroom to share what you learn on the Press Partners program with others. 2. Individual Fellowship Goals. Outline the specific goals you’d like to achieve if awarded an Alfred Friendly Fellowship.
  4. LETTERS OF REFERENCE. Two confidential reference letters are required. A third reference letter from someone conversant with your personality, background, character, etc., is optional.
  5. EMPLOYER’S ENDORSEMENT. Please have your employer fill out and sign the form on page 6 approving your participation and permitting a six-month leave of absence should you be selected.
  6. ARTICLES. Links to four issued/broadcast stories that best demonstrate your interests and abilities. Full English translations, filled out by the candidate, should accompany articles not written in English originally.
  7. PHOTOGRAPH. One passport-size portrait photograph, not older than six months.
  8. PRESS CREDENTIALS. A clear copy/scan of your working press identifications, press pass or equivalent.
  9. COPY OF PASSPORT. A clear photocopy/scan of your valid passport. Please include picture, information pages and any U.S. visas you’ve had. (If you have more than one passport please submit copies of each.)
  10. COPY OF DRIVER’S LICENSE. (if applicable) A clear photocopy/scan of your valid automobile driver’s license. ** ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT. Top applicants may be required to prove their English language adeptness before receiving a fellowship program. Assessments would be administered in the applicant’s nation of residence.

Application Deadline

Applications close August 31, 2021

Visit here for more details and to apply

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