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Bestway Foundation Scholarships for Pakistan Students at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom 2022/ 2023

The Bestway Foundation Scholarships at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom is opened for students from Pakistan for the educational year 2022-2023. Five Pakistan Students will be granted to undertake their Master’s Degree Program at the University of Bradford and complete their educational journey and reach their career goals.

The Bestway Foundation Scholarship will be given a total worth of £30,000 yearly for each successful Pakistan student to help their educational journey and concentrate on their study at one of the best universities in the United Kingdom.

The University of Bradford is a general university made of glass in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It gives different types of services to help you all through your studies and train you for a profession anywhere on the earth. The institution gives a wide range of assistance to help you throughout your studies and prepare you for a career anywhere in the world. Students can take benefit from new classroom environments and new places to have enjoyment and explore.

Study at the University of Bradford to gain from and partake in teaching, research, and using technology to help society. The students will learn from the academic and industry professionals who are shaping the future of their industry, and study in world-class facilities, The institution invested millions of pounds in high-tech learning surroundings like the B. motion studio and Bloomberg Trade Hall.

Their curriculum has been developed with the help of experts and industry partners, meaning you will develop skills that are highly valued by employers and gain a wealth of hands-on experience along the way. Many of their courses also have professional accreditation or approval, legal or official, which gives you the best start in your professional life.

Their curriculum has been improved with the aid of professionals and industry associates, meaning you will acquire skills that are highly appreciated by employers and earn a wealth of hands-on knowledge along the way. Many of their courses also have skilled accreditation or support, legal or official, which gives you the best start in your professional life.

Yearly, the institution gives different types of scholarship to help support both local and international students to achieve their academic and career goals, especially those students who need more assistance and has academic accomplishments and leadership skills.

The scholarship given year will be based on the student’s academic excellence, personal circumstances, or the student’s financial hardship to further their higher education in the United Kingdom. Some of the scholarship grants offered by the University of Bradford are associated with the research-specific area of study, both local and international scholars can apply for more than one scholarship but will only be granted one scholarship award.

Learning at the University of Bradford can aid the students to concentrate on their studies on the sustainable campus and help them communicate with a variety of students and the community activities that will help them improve the skills and knowledge they may be needing for their future career goals.

Worth of Bestway Foundation Scholarships

The Bestway Foundation scholarships total worth for each successful applicant will be added to up to £30,000, these grants include the following:

  • Full tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Residence expenses per annum amounting to £6,665

Eligibility for Bestway Foundation Scholarships

 Before moving on with the application process, interested applicants must check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship.

  • This scholarship is open to applicants from Pakistan seeking a full-time Master’s program at the University of Bradford.
  • Must be categorized as international paying fee students.
  • This scholarship aims to assist students who are experiencing monetary difficulties because they come from countries that are in trouble due to political situations, wars, natural disasters, and others.
  • Interested Pakistan students are no longer required to accept study grants at Bradford before applying for this scholarship. Therefore, you must have already finished your bachelor’s degree and know your results to apply.
  • You must tender proof of your results with the application form. Any proof submitted after your application will not be accepted.
  • Please apply for a scholarship before applying for the suitable course if you expect the scholarship to cover your educational costs and residence expenses.
  • Keep in mind that the University has the right to remove any scholarship grants if it is determined that relevant information has been withheld from the application.

How to apply for the Bestway Foundation Scholarships

Please note that as part of your application you will be asked to submit a personal report describing how the situation in your country has affected you and/or your family, the reasons you came to Bradford, and the program of choice you wish to study and how you will use your educational course and how will it add to you home country.

 If you are victorious, you will be asked to apply to a program at the university and tender proof of your English language proficiency as well as an educational transcript. You will then need to apply for a visa to study at Bradford. The scholarship committee will examine the visa applications. Click here for the Application Form

The deadline to complete and submit the application for the Bestway Foundation scholarship for Pakistan students at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom is until May 18, 2022. Late and incomplete applications will not be entertained. All applicants must read the terms and conditions applied to the scholarship.

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