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Brown Group Scholarships at QUT in Australia 2022

The Queensland University of Technology in Australia welcomes applications for Brown Group Scholarships (Brown Group Biomedical Engineering and Materials Scholarships) in the 2021/22 Academic year.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a key Australian university with a truly international outlook. Home to almost 50,000 candidates, they are offering real-world infrastructure, learning and teaching, and graduate opportunities to the next generation of change-makers. They are an aspiring and collaborative institution that looks to equip their scholars and graduates with the skills they’ll require in an increasingly disordered and challenged world.

The Brown Group merges advanced investigational and computational procedures to provide new understandings into the structure-function relationships in biomedical materials. While concentrating on musculoskeletal tissues and associated biomaterials, the group keeps an active interest in other high-performance biological materials like spider silk and ivory. The Brown Group is also immersed in a number of translational undertakings, like the improvement of novel optics-based diagnostic devices, scalable nanostructured surfaces and 3D constructs for regenerative medicine, new devices and techniques for surgery, and mechanized analysis/interpretation procedures for medical imaging.

You will be able to develop detailed insight, understanding and expertise in your selected field of research. Technical growth will be in addition to broad professional development towards an academic or research and development profession. You will gain from access to flexible and tailored experimental amenities, high-level scientific know-how, access to a variety of local and global collaborators, and first-class facilities like QUT’s Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF).

Research projects

Projects with crucial PhD positions available are:

  • spider-silk: structure mechanics and synthesis
  • comprehending and exploiting the remarkable properties of collagen
  • surgery with rockets.

Other projects are, but are not restricted to:

  • magnetically guided micro-rocket sutures
  • deep learning in practicable medical image datasets, and conversion to clinical practice
  • manipulating and exploiting collagen piezoelectricity for energy harvesting and biomedical materials
  • development of an optical procedure for the measurement of bioelectric fields
  • evolutionary convergence for translational biomimicry
  • tiered mechanics of biological materials
  • development of a robotic endoscopy device through electrorheological fluids
  • development and utilization of native spider cells and processing methods for silk production and categorization
  • experimentally guided fibre network modelling to investigate disease mechanisms
  • development and execution of highly multiplexed, antibody-labelled electron microscope imaging procedure
  • development of an innovative 3D metal micro-printer
  • directed self-assembly of matrices in hydrogels
  • development of state-of-the-art approaches to diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions
  • advancing the physical comprehension of pain and disease.

Worth of Brown Group Scholarships

You’ll receive:

  • $27,082 each year, tax free for up to 3 years.
  • You will be able to develop detailed knowledge, comprehension and expertise in your selected field of research.
  • Technical development will be combined with broad professional development towards an academic or research and development profession.
  • You will gain from access to flexible and tailored experimental facilities, high level scientific know-how, access to a variety of local and foreign collaborators, and first-class facilities comprising QUT’s Medical Engineering Research Facility (MERF).

Eligibility for Brown Group Scholarships

  • You have to put in for and be given admission to their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Your research proposal has to be pioneering and high impact.
  • They’ll take applications from applicants from any academic background, given that you meet the eligibility conditions for the PhD.

How to Apply for Brown Group Scholarships

  • Get in touch with Professor Cameron Brown to express your interest in the Brown Group Scholarships.
  • You may then submit an application through a formal evaluation process, based on interviews, written work and references.

For additional details about the application procedure for Brown Group Scholarships, get in touch with the Science and Engineering Faculty Research Scholarships Office.

To discuss the research project further, get in touch with Professor Cameron Brown.

Application Deadline: The Brown Group Scholarships for Biomedical Engineering will remain open until filled.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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