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Ebbe Nielsen Challenge in Denmark 2021

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility is taking applications from suitably qualified candidates for the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge for Innovations in Biodiversity Data in Denmark in 2021.

The 2021 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge has commenced with the objective of acknowledging ground-breaking entries that use biodiversity data and tools from the GBIF network to improve open science. A specialist jury will assess entries on their openness and repeatability, significance and uniqueness and present a chosen pool of beneficiaries with a total of up to €20,000 in prizes.

Between 20 January and 2 August 2021, persons and teams can organize tools and techniques that enhance the access, practicality and quality of open biodiversity data and hand them in to this yearly open-ended incentive contest.

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge entries can come in any of approaches. Candidates may decide to create new applications, methods, visualizations, analyses or workflows, often (but not always) using the GBIF API to access data. You may also exploit or extend the capabilities of extant tools and features accessible across the GBIF network. Candidates are implored to review past winners and also past winning entries for ideas, problems or methods they may want to pursue.

Entries must be beneficial to multiple stakeholder groups, comprising data holders, data users, and data managers. You may want to assess the GBIF Communications Strategy to see how GBIF’s audiences are depicted.

Worth of Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

An expert jury will assess entries on their ingenuousness and repeatability, relevance and innovation and award a chosen pool of recipients with a total of up to €20,000 in prizes.

Eligibility for Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

The challenge is open to

  • individuals,
  • teams of individuals
  • companies and their staffs, and
  • governmental agencies and their staffs.

The challenge is not available to:

  • Present personnel members at the GBIF Secretariat
  • Persons presently contracting directly with the GBIF Secretariat
  • Members of the GBIF Science Panel
  • Heads of Delegation to GBIF

Selection Criteria

A committee of professional judges from applicable scientific, informatics and technology domains will assess submissions on the basis of the following conditions:

  • Openness and repeatability: Are the component elements of the submission, like code and content, freely accessible and clear? Are they properly licensed?
  • Applicability: Does the submission possess adequate significance and scope that the communities GBIF support can make use of or build it?
  • Novelty: Has a substantial portion of the submission been created particularly for the challenge? Submissions that are largely or wholly based on past published work are not deemed to be qualified entries.

How to Apply for Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

Candidates for the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge are required to fill out the entry form, which provides details about the entry, including:

  • Submission name/title
  • Team member(s) names and associations
  • Abstract and rationale
  • Operating instructions
  • Link to visuals (demo, prototype, screenshots, video, slides, etc.)
  • Link(s) to present materials on any relevant website or repository

The judges and GBIF Secretariat personnel have to be able to

  • Gain access to and operate or assess the submission at no expense
  • run it on readily obtainable hardware (if the submission is a separate application)
  • repeat any processes or procedures, if the entry is a script or other automated solution

Very Important

Candidates can arrange and document their submissions on any repository or platform they are comfortable with like GitHub, FigShare, Dryad, Open Science Framework, Jupyter Notebook. They can also make use of their own website.

By advising candidates to make use of tools that they are already familiar and comfortable with, it is expected that anyone interested in making a submission can focus entirely on questions of what, why and how—

  • what the submission is
  • why it is of importance to the GBIF communities it is aimed to serve
  • how it works

Application Deadline

The submission closing date is August 2, 2021, 1600 Central European Summer Time | UTC +2.

Visit here for more information and to apply

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