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No matter how many student loans or scholarships you’ve managed to receive (and congratulations!), it’s normal to still be concerned about money. After all, there are all manners of extra and unforeseen costs that might come up, from air travel to your home nation to concert tickets to snack foods. This article provides information on Finding Money-Saving Ideas that can help reduce your costs.

We highly recommend that you budget your money, but we also know that sometimes it feels great to actively save money too. Earning money is a whole other thing that depends on your visa, and if you don’t follow those rules correctly you could face visa or legal issues.) Here are some ideas about getting tips on Finding Money-Saving Ideas and how to deal with not having money.

Blog posts: Yeah, we know, it’s obvious. But consider this a reminder that all kinds of financial advisors, economists, professional couponers, and others all want to share their expertise with others.

Youtube: If you learn best by listening and/or you love graphics, check out videos about how to manage your money, life hacks that can save you money, and how to spend money wisely.

School: Sign up for newsletters, follow social media, and make sure to stay in touch with your school (or schools you’re interested in if you haven’t yet accepted) to see if they have any advice, discounts, job opportunities, or any other money-related information.

Bonus ideas – Finding Money-Saving Ideas

  • Personal finance companies like  Nerdwallet and Mint offer all kinds of price comparisons, credit information, money-related advice, and other perks that will benefit you more in the long term.
  • Get great discounts on costly items, activities, and services by searching for deals on GrouponSlickdeals, and similar websites.
  • If you and your roommate(s) are on good terms, or you brought your family with you and you’re constantly buying paper towels, consider buying in bulk at Costco or Boxed.
  • Always look for sales at local supermarkets, clothing stores, and pharmacies. And join as many store rewards programs as possible so you can get additional discounts, free stuff, or money back just for buying what’s already on your shopping list.

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