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International Student Scholarships at Concordia University Wisconsin in USA 2021

Concordia University Wisconsin is taking applications for the International Student Scholarships in the United States for the 2021/22 school session.

The school is a learning community at the intersection of knowledge and Christian faith, where candidates develop their God-given prospect and get ready to lead uncommon lives of higher professional objective for the advancement of self and community. All of the schools, programs, and ingenuities of the university are steered by shared commitment to this central promise.

Additionally, it boasts of a 12:1 scholar to faculty ratio and is the #1 most secure campus in Wisconsin.  It is also famous for having 90% job placement rates and also operates the #1 largest MBA program in Wisconsin. This goes to show that foreign students electing to study at Concordia University are taking a step in the right direction.

About Concordia University Wisconsin

Concordia University Wisconsin is renowned for its breath-taking views of Lake Michigan, and in fact, a lot of scholars will say the campus’ location played a major role in their decision to enlist. But a huge chunk of Concordia old students living today—and even a few present faculty—will remember making a very different commute to school.

Concordia College offers high school and the initial two years of a liberal arts college program, offering technical, classical, and religious instruction for scholars who desired to get themselves ready for the ministry of the Lutheran Church. In 1978, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod approved Concordia to become a four-year recognized college that would offer training in teacher education, medical assistant, nursing, social work, and engineering.

Worth of International Student Scholarships at Concordia University Wisconsin

The International Student Scholarships at Concordia University Wisconsin comes in two folds:

  • Students applying without an ACT or SAT test are qualified for up to $12,000 per academic session.
  • Students who have taken an ACT or SAT are qualified for up to $22,000 per academic session.

Eligibility for International Student Scholarships at Concordia University Wisconsin

In order to be qualified for the International Student Scholarships, the

  • Candidates must be international students.
  • Candidate should already be registered in an undergraduate program at Concordia.
  • Candidates are able to put in to all undergraduate degree programs and subjects under this award.
  • Candidates from all nationalities are welcome to apply.

How to Apply for International Student Scholarships at Concordia University Wisconsin

All applications are to be done online through the official website.

When putting in for admission to CUW, you will be needed to present a proof of your ability to provide all costs at least during the initial year of your stay here. As a foreign student at CUW you will not be qualified for any type of financial aid that is provided for the American scholars (scholarship awards, fellowships, grants). It is also very difficult to obtain a loan from any American bank. This implies that it is your responsibility to obtain funds required and you cannot depend on any financial source in the U.S.

You cannot hope to get this money by taking on employment because in line with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) regulations, you may not take part in any type of off-campus employment until the end of the initial academic session. Any ensuing employment is highly regulated and restricted in time. In respect to this, before coming to the U.S., carefully consider if you have the required financial resources to provide your tuition and living costs at least for the initial year of your stay.

There are restricted institutional scholarship award opportunities for foreign undergraduate students. Possible scholarship awards are on the basis of academic performance. The student has to apply each semester.

Application Deadline

  • July 21, 2021.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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