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MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at McGill University in Canada 2021

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship award is provided by McGill University and the Mastercard Foundation to economically disadvantaged, academically talented Master’s degree candidates from Sub-Saharan Africa via the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for 2021/2022.

A main objective of the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship award is to build a globally educated and exceptionally qualified group of future leaders, who, after graduation, can go to Africa to help nurture the region’s development. To these ends, McGill supplements Scholars’ education with a wide-ranging support system that comprises mentorship, custom-made support services, community service chances and sustained programming pertinent to their personal growth. Scholars also get guidance and support for two internships in their home nations during their programs. These internships intend to keep the Scholars’ connection with their home nations and create a path toward significant employment post-graduation.

This MasterCard Foundation Scholarship award program is structured to sponsor exceptional, community-engaged candidates to attend university who otherwise would not get the opportunity, thereby, nurturing the growth of future Sub-Saharan African leaders and entrepreneurs.

Worth of Award

  • Fully funded.
  • Furthermore to financial support, Scholars are offer with a wide-ranging support network that comprises an array of mentoring and support services to make sure each candidate’s academic success, community service engagement and transition to socially significant employment openings, when they go back to Africa at the conclusion of their programs.

Eligibility for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

To be qualified for consideration for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship award at McGill, you have to:

  • Be admissible to one of the qualified programs at McGill University (check Program List below);
  • Have never concluded any graduate programs;
  • Be designated by a professor of an accredited MasterCard Foundation Partner Institution, OR ; Be designated by a present McGill Professor or Staff Member
  • Be a national of and have resided a substantial part of your life in a Sub-Saharan African Nation;
  • Have an excellent record of service and activity in your school and/or community;
  • Have a plan to go back to your nation promptly upon the conclusion of your degree program with the objective of transforming your community via social and economic growth;
  • Prove that your financial standing is in the lowermost two quintiles of your nation.

How to Apply for MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Potential candidates can find the complete list of partaking MCF programs here . When a program of interest has been chosen, the candidate should check the department’s prerequisites and also graduate eligibility conditions to verify that they are qualified to apply. Satisfying the minimum admission conditions does not guarantee nomination to the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship award or admission to McGill University.

  • Candidate asks for nomination from the department. Add transcript, CV, and concise statement in an email.
  • If nominated, the candidate opens an account in uApply and submits a uApply username to the GPD/GPC (to add on Nomination Form).
  • Nominator submits the form through email to
  • The MCFSP Admissions Office grants a fee waiver in uApply with the candidate’s username. The candidate and the department are notified that the waiver has been applied.
  • Candidate fills out and submits an application in uApply.
  • Candidate submits the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Application Form, benefactor letter and bank statement to uApply checklist.
  • Candidate asks the Referee to forward to the MCFSP Admissions Office the Recommendation Form.
  • Department admits or refuses candidate.
  • If the candidate is granted admission: MCFSP application is pre-screened; if rejected: the candidate is no longer in the running for the scholarship award.
  • Applications chosen in pre-screening are forwarded to the Selection Committee for review.
  • Candidates will get a final decision by email.

Application Deadline

Closing date to submit the Application for Admission in uApply – Your program’s closing date

Closing date to submit MCF Supporting Credentials in uApply – January 31, 2021

Click here for more details and to apply

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