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International Development for Masters EU Student Scholarship at Maynooth University in Ireland 2022/2023

Maynooth University’s Department of International Developments in Ireland proposes a Students Scholarship for Masters EU to facilitate the outstanding EU and International students to apply for the educational year of 2022-2023.

About the Masters EU Student Scholarship  

Two multinational or EU students will be allowed to seek their master’s degree in a full-time course agenda in International Development or the master’s in International Peacebuilding Security and Developments. The two scholarship positions will be given on a gender equality basis, one position of the scholarship will be kept for qualified female applicants.

This scholarship chance is established to help the exceptional students to expand their skills and knowledge of the international development area of study and use an essential approach to learning and enable the students to reflect on their experiences to learn the development theories, different approaches, and policies. The scholars will also be ready to work in the international development area by merging development practice theory and seeking options for the development process and knowing to turn the development into goals in the reality in the North and Global South.

The Program will highlight local-global relations, the different socio-economic and political factors that develop challenges and more opportunities for development at national and international levels and check the job of international and national development between the United Nations, NGO Governments, and Civil Society Group to talk about the challenges and make sure there’s a better world for everyone.

Maynooth University is the birthplace of the Department of International Development, which proposes undergraduate programs like Flow in the Arts (MH101), also graduate and master’s programs (through full-time, part-time, and distance learning programs).

Global development is involved with human development around the world. Maynooth University has been proposing undergraduate development training since 2013 in collaboration with the former Center for Kimmage Development Studies (supplying undergraduate and postgraduate programs in development research since 1974). The acquisition of the center led to the establishment of the Department of International Development at the University of Maine. This department is found in the House of Education.

The programs particularly focus on the connection between the North and Global South and the prospects and challenges encountering society in a rapidly changing international context. International development highlights local-global relations and how we must think globally when operating locally. The university will analyze issues such as globalization, food safety, weather change, human rights, deprivation, education, health, gender, commission, and inequality from an international growth viewpoint.

In addition to the university’s educational agendas, the university proposes capacity-building advantages dedicated to the proceeding professional development of staff interested in international development, both local and international. These capacity-building benefits are offered as personal and organizational aid and short-term practical training prospects.

The Department of International Development’s idea is to have a world of equivalency, regard, and fairness for all. A task to promote equality, justice, critical consideration, and the eradication of poverty on the earth. The division seeks to do this by enabling the training and understanding of individual and group practitioners working for social, economic, and political change in the community, therefore enabling all practitioners to operate effectively for the overall development.

Worth of Masters EU Student Scholarship

The total value to be awarded to the two successful students will be €6,850 each, the recipient of this award will not be eligible to apply for other scholarships offered by the Maynooth University for the whole duration of the scholarship program.

 Eligibility of Masters EU Student Scholarship

Applicants interested must be able to be accepted to a full-time Master’s Degree in the International Development program at Maynooth University for the 2022-2023 educational year and must meet the following criteria:

  • International applicants who can show their experience in a minimum of 2 or more years in the developments of the society or international development areas in social justice, academics, human rights, campaigns, or volunteers.
  • The applicants must prove their academic achievements or must be in a second honors class at an undergraduate degree status.
  • EU and international applicants who are presently in Ireland or somewhere that can meet the eligibility of the scholarship program.
  • Graduates from different universities local and international are also fit to apply for the scholarship program.
  • Must be able to meet their CV and expression of interest.

How to apply for the Masters EU Student Scholarship

Interested applicants can begin their application through the online portal offered by the university. The application procedure must be concluded and submitted before the deadline to be considered for the scholarship.

For more information regarding the application process may be submitted by email to: 

The application deadline to submit and finish the application for the scholarship is until June 22, 2022. Late and unfinished applications will not be received and will be declined immediately. The scholarship proposed by the Maynooth University cannot be deferred or moved, the recipient of the awards must read and agree to the terms and conditions applied to the scholarship.

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