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Pat Clifford Award in Canada 2021

The Canadian Education Association (CEA) is taking applications from qualified candidates for the Pat Clifford Award for early-career Research in education in the 2021/22 school year.

Are you or someone you know adding to ground-breaking education research by re-examining commonly held suppositions in academic policy, practice or theory in Canada? Apply now for the 2021 Pat Clifford Award.

The Pat Clifford Award acknowledges the work of upcoming researchers – their innovative contributions and their devotion to advancing research that has the prospect to transform Canadian public learning.

The Pat Clifford Award is managed by the Canadian Education Association (CEA) and aims to acknowledge the work of upcoming researchers in learning policy, practice, or theory in Canada. This scholarship award is devoted to the memory of Pat Clifford, who was active in research and schooling practice in Canada.

Pat Clifford was one of the founders of The Galileo Educational Network, which is located in Calgary, Alberta. Pat had a comprehensive teaching background from primary to tertiary level, and was the beneficiary of lots of awards for both research and teaching practice. Pat died in August of 2008 but she left an endowment to us in her teaching, academic writing, poetry and stories. As a teacher, Pat was unwavering in her belief that every child had the right to thrive brilliantly, and brought to them her own passion for literature, writing and history. This scholarship award is devoted to her memory.

Worth of Pat Clifford Award

  • Formal acknowledgment of your research at a public, education-focused event.
  • An invite for you to put out a feature article concerning your research in Education Canada
  • Chances for you to create extra knowledge mobilization techniques with EdCan Network to maximize the influence of your work in the policy and practice areas.

Eligibility for Pat Clifford Award

  • Candidates can either nominate themselves or be designated by another individual.
  • Candidates have to be near the conclusion of a Master’s degree or PhD OR have finished a Masters or PhD in the last 2 years (from date of convocation) from a known Canadian university.
  • Candidates may be from faculties of education or other related fields, school boards, regional or territorial departments of education, educational or other establishments, or research consultants.
  • Candidates can either nominate themselves or be put forward by another individual.
  • persons with demonstrable promise in academic research as proven by finished research papers/projects, reference letters, and any research awards or references.
  • Those who display promise of making a substantial contribution to academic concepts, theory, policy and/or practice via their research, as proven by: the description of work, its significance and influence with respect to one or more of EdCan Network’s program main concerns, and also plans for knowledge mobilization and distribution.

How to apply for Pat Clifford Award

The application should have all the following attachments:

  • Curriculum vitae (at most 4 pages).
  • A plain-language description on how the candidate’s work solidly influences student engagement and teacher practice (at most 250 words).
  • An evaluation by the nominator or candidate of the promising contribution to academic research in Canada and its influence on the pan-Canadian scene (at most 250 words).
  • If nominated: One (1) extra letter of reference (at most 250 words).
  • If self-nominated: Two (2) reference letters (at most 250 words PER LETTER).
  • Copy of two (2) abstracts and/or summaries of your research project reports or papers.
  • Optional: abstracts of articles pending approval of publication and/or the candidate’s intention for future submissions within his/her field of interest.

Application submissions should not be more than specified word count maximums (apart from CV). The awards panel will not take or review submission material more than the stated word count.

Application Deadline

The application closing date is June 6, 2021 at 5:00 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). 

Visit here for more information and to apply

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