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PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata in Italy 2021

The University of Macerata in Italy announces an invitation for applications for the PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata available to candidates who must have already gotten a Master’s Degree or four-year degree (before the reform as per DM 509/99) for the 2021/2024 academic session.

This is a postgraduate university program, the conclusion of which leads graduates to be granted the equivalent of the PhD title (Philosophise Doctor) of Anglo-Saxon nations and similar titles present in other nations.

The objective of the PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata is to offer specialised training, directed at conducting highly specialised research activity. The program is of a legal duration of three years, which may be prolonged to four, and it entails obligatory the attendance of lessons, conferences, seminars, and also giving participants the possibility to take part in work placements and study experiences overseas.

The training program entails the identification of a research project to be developed both via the aforesaid advanced teaching and via individual study. This often makes the PhD student take part in a cultural exchange with other nations, to take part in workshops organised within the national territory, visiting libraries, departments and institutes of Italian and other schools. The training period is targeted at the drafting of a doctoral thesis which should be conducted with a scientific method and have an original content.

The PhD title is granted after passing a final exam. This entails the discussion of a thesis before an examination commission and affords the holder access to the world of scientific research that is not restricted to the university world but that also extends to institutions, business and the socio-cultural experiences that are outside of the academic world. The PhD title relates to the attainment of 180 CFU, which are split up equally over the three years of the program.

About University of Macerata

The University of Macerata – established in 1290 – is a small largest cultural institution, proud of its past and more and more aware of the role it plays in creating the future of the younger generation and the link with the City and the Territory.

The university has over twelve thousand scholars, five departments, three postgraduate schools, eleven three-year degree programs, fifteen master’s degree programs, two single-cycle degree programs, the School of Higher Studies and the Giacomo Leopardi Chair, a Doctoral School, Masters, Training and advanced training programs, a summer school, a school museum, a publishing house, a precious assortment of books kept in twenty-five libraries, twelve computer and multimedia laboratories.

Worth of PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata

  • Research scholarships each summing up to € 15.343,28 each year are awarded, based on the final ranking of each PhD program, to applicants who have never in the past been granted a PhD research scholarship, either wholly or in part. Applicants who are awarded PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata have to enrol with the Gestione Separata INPS [Separate Contribution of the National Institute for Social Security] in adherence with Art. 2, para. 26 of Law No. 335 of 08/08/1995.
  • The amount of a PhD scholarship award is increased by 30% for a period of up to 18 months if the holder undertakes his/her studies and research activity overseas while on a three-year research program, unless otherwise defined for scholarship awards co-financed for specific applied research activities.

Eligibility for PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata

To access a doctorate program, you should have already gotten a Master’s Degree or four-year degree (before the reform as per DM 509/99) and you are required to pass the selection process foreseen as per the indications in the call for applications.

How to Apply for PhD Scholarships at University of Macerata

Submit an application online via their website, visit the link below

Application Deadline

  • Applications close on July 5, 2021

Visit here for more details and to apply

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