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Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize in USA 2022

Sidney Hillman Foundation in the United States of America solicits for applications and nominations for the Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize in 2022.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize recognises investigative journalism and commentary in service of the general good. Beneficiaries epitomize reportorial brilliance, storytelling skill, and social justice influence. There is no fee to enter. There is no restriction to the number of entries one outlet or publication may put in.

The passing of Sidney Hillman was seen as an overwhelming personal loss by men and women in widely. Not long after his death, the union, which he had led since its foundation in 1914, was flooded with requests to create a living monument to the man who was the proxy for progressive industrial democracy. The General Executive Board of the A.C.W.A reacted on November 17, 1946, by voting to create The Sidney Hillman Foundation.

On December 11, 1946, the Board donated the first $100,000 to the Foundation, and more contributions came from a lot of other sources, remarkably from Amalgamated members, natives, and joint boards; from the Textile Workers Union, which Hillman helped establish, and from the clothing producers, who had long acknowledged that Hillman had done more than anyone else to bring stability to a chaotic sector. In a space of few months, a fund of $1,000,000 was secured, and early in 1947, the Board of Directors dispatched the first awards.

In its first years, the Sidney Hillman Foundation made awards of tens of thousands of dollars for scholarship grants, research, and lecture series on college campuses. The Foundation has also bestowed a lot of large grants to finance medical research at the Sidney Hillman Health Centers in Philadelphia and New York.

Ever since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has recognised journalists, writers and public personalities that embark on investigative journalism and public policy in service of the general good. Sidney Hillman was the formation president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, an antecedent union of Workers United, SEIU. Sidney Hillman, an engineer of the New Deal, fought to create a driven union movement going beyond the shop floor to all areas of working people’s lives.

Worth of Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize

  • Beneficiaries are granted travel to New York City to obtain a $5,000 prize and a certificate at the awards occasion.

Eligibility for Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize

Categories are as follows:

  • Book (bound volumes and ebooks)
  • Newspaper Journalism (story or series/in print or online)
  • Magazine Journalism (story or series/in print or online)
  • Broadcast Journalism (story/series/documentary a minimum of 20 minutes in total package duration that has aired on TV, radio or podcast)
  • Web Journalism (story/series that has not been in print) Available to blogs, photojournalism, and other multimedia projects and also text.
  • Opinion & Analysis Journalism (any medium) Comprises all modes of advocacy, commentary and analysis, opinion, typically short-form and/or frequent, irrespective of medium. Available to newspaper and magazine contributors, TV and radio presenters, blogs, podcasters, and bloggers.
  • The competition is available to journalists and subjects worldwide, although work should have been intended for and be broadly available to a U.S. audience.
  • You may put forward your own work or someone else’s.
  • You may put in individually, or be entered by your organization.

How to Apply for Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize

  • Please click the link at the bottom of their page to apply.
  • You will see category-detailed instructions and also a textbox to submit your cover letter.
  • You may attach files, submit URLs and/or mail copies to their office but you have to fill out the form or they will not have a record of your application.

Successful applicants will be announced in April 2022. Beneficiaries are granted travel to New York City to obtain a $5,000 prize and a certificate at their awards occasion.

You can see past winners here.

Deadline: The Call for application for the 2022 Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize is now open. The closing date is January 30, 2022.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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