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Are you planning to study abroad in the UK? Whether it’s the fast-paced daily life of London you’re looking for, or the more relaxed culture of Edinburgh, as a potential foreign student, you are certain to fall in love with one of the United Kingdom’s numerous famous study abroad destinations.

It’s little wonder that the number of foreign students electing to study abroad in the UK for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program is growing rapidly. Whether you’ve chosen the UK as a study abroad destination to advance your education or you are still undecided, here are 7 fantastic reasons why you should study abroad in the UK!

1. Home to some of the World’s Best Universities

Schooling in the UK means you would be studying at a world-renowned institution. The United Kingdom presently has six institutions in the Global University Rankings with the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford both having 100% when it comes to their academic reputes. There’s a reason why 14% of the world’s most cited research papers comes from the UK!

2. Globally Recognized Degrees and Qualifications

The quality of the institutions in the UK implies that your degree program will be held in high esteem by employers the world over, affording you an edge over other candidates. As a graduate from a UK university, you’re amongst exceptionally talented alumni – the British Council reckons that 38% of Nobel Laureates who schooled abroad did it in the UK.

3. A Cheap Study Destination

The UK is significantly not as expensive as other English-speaking study abroad destinations like the United States and Australia when it comes to paying for tertiary education. Tuition fees in the UK is around at least £2,000 and £3,000 cheaper than the US and Australia.

You also don’t require as much in your bank before you can apply for your visa to study abroad in the UK, just £16,000 in comparison with the United States (£18,000+) and Australia (£25,000+).

4. A Huge (and Increasing!) Student Population

The United Kingdom has institutions in almost every city, meaning that, wherever you go, there is a flourishing student population – and it’s increasing! UK student numbers increase each year across all levels of tertiary education so you will always be surrounded by like-minded people from different backgrounds (and, more essentially, shops and restaurants that provide student discounts.)

Fitting in into such student populations will be the first step to securing lifelong friends from all over the globe, one of the most exceptional features of studying abroad.

5. Free Healthcare to Keep You Healthy

The United Kingdom has the NHS (National Health Service), which implies that if you are schooling in the UK for 6 months or more, you are able to have access to healthcare completely without charge. You still have to pay for drugs, but this is also regulated under the NHS and you will only ever pay £8.60 per item, irrespective of how costly the drug you have been prescribed is.

This comes as a great advantage to students who are concerned about financing their study abroad experience. With a bit of luck, you will not fall sick, but the peace of mind just in case is worth it!

6. Work Opportunities While You Study

Your UK student visa implies that you’re allowed to work up to 20 hours each week in a part-time job. The UK also has a definite minimum wage, meaning you could make a minimum of £118.00 prior to tax each week to help finance your studies.

Or, you can give consideration to an internship via your university at one of the many globally renowned companies based in the UK, like the BBC, Rolls Royce, or Burberry. No matter what, your CV will look great after concluding your study abroad experience.

7. Highest Student Satisfaction Rating

The UK boasts one of the highest student contentment rates amongst English speaking nations, with more than 90% of the huge 2.32 million students in the UK pleased with their experience.

This is a remarkable number, particularly considering the unique and different locations, universities, and programs provided across the UK! For that reason, if you’re still unsure about where to study abroad, you are almost certain to love an experience in the UK, no matter in which UK city you end up.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to study abroad in the UK and discover all the amazing universities and programs that the United Kingdom has to offer?

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