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TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship in USA 2022

The Alfred Friendly Partners in the United States is taking applications for the TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship program in 2022.

In the belief that a strong, free press is crucial to the healthy running of a democracy, the late Alfred Friendly, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and past managing editor of The Washington Post, thought of a fellowship program that would both impact American journalistic traditions and respond to global interest in the broadcasting of fair and accurate news.

It was Alfred Friendly’s belief that working closely with reporters and editors is the best way to absorb the real-world realities of journalism in this nation and the crucial role it plays in the society. He established the program that bears his name to submerge journalists in American newsrooms. Since 1984, the Alfred Friendly Press Partners has trained over 320 journalists from 80+ nations and placed them in almost 70 newsrooms.

The TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship starts with a three-week orientation and training seminar at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri designed to prepare the fellows – both individually and professionally – for the challenges of residing and working in the United States. Topics for workshops and hands-on training comprise ethics, writing, multimedia reporting, editing, investigative reporting and data journalism.

During the program, fellows and staff come together for cutting-edge training sessions. Fellows join the staffs of one or more major U.S. media channels for five months. A final workshop in Washington enables them to compare and assess their experiences and discuss their impressions of the American media, and to learn and prepare presentations to make in their home nations to share what they have learned with colleagues.

The TRACE Foundation was created to advance, support and fund research, publications, investigative journalism, videos and related projects that inspire greater commercial transparency and develop anti-bribery education. The Foundation also grants scholarship awards, prizes and grants to persons and entities working toward these objectives and seeks generally to spread understanding of the sources of corruption and the growth of effective measures to alleviate the scope and extent of the problem.

The TRACE Foundation gets funding from TRACE International and TRACE Inc., two bodies that share its mission. The Foundation has an autonomous board and exclusive decision-making authority over the selection and implementation of its projects and disbursement of its funds.

Program goals:

  • To offer the fellow with experience in reporting, editing, writing, producing and editorial decision-making that will improve future professional performance;
  • To subject the fellow to the technological transformations that are taking place in the industry;
  • To allow the fellow to gain a real-world comprehension of the function and significance of the free press in American society;
  • To spread knowledge acquired on the program to colleagues at home;
  • To nurture continuing relations between free press institutions and journalists in the United States and their colleagues in other nations.

Worth of TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship

  • The fellowship award provides all expenses of program-related international and domestic U.S. travel, health insurance and offers a monthly allowance to cover basic living costs.
  • It is highly advised that fellows bring extra money with them.
  • While relatives may visit for up to one month, they cannot follow the fellow for the duration of the fellowship program.

Eligibility for TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship

  • Journalists of all Nationalities are welcome to apply
  • The TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship program acknowledges journalism that discloses business-related bribery and financial crime with the objective of increasing commercial transparency and good governance.
  • Nominees may be print, broadcast or online reporters from any nation who have looked into commercial bribery schemes, business undertakings that create serious conflicts of interest or similar commercial wrongdoing. Team entries and multiple submissions per author are allowed.

How to Apply for TRACE-Alfred Investigative Reporting Fellowship

  • You can apply by completing the application form obtainable on their website

Application Deadline

  • Submit application by September 16, 2021.

Visit here for more details and to apply

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