Top 20 Tuition Free Countries for International Students

Apart from studying at Tuition-Free Countries for International Students, higher education can sometimes be expensive, especially for international students studying abroad. Admittedly, there are lots of scholarships and grants that are in place to reduce these costs, but more often than not, these scholarships are highly competitive and are largely merit-based. Despite this, prospective students are advised to apply for these scholarships and try their luck.

However, if you fail to secure a fully-funded university scholarship, consider applying to schools that are tuition-free or have low tuition fees or those providing tuition fee waivers. Nations like Austria, Norway, Finland, Germany, and Sweden provide different types of free/low tuition arrangements and tuition waivers for foreign students.

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Tuition-Free Universities in Norway

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State universities and university colleges in Norway, as a rule, do not require tuition fees from all students including foreign students. This applies to all levels, including undergraduate studies, Masters programs, and Ph.D. programs. However, students will be required to pay a semester fee of NOK 300-600 every semester.

Be aware that some university colleges and state universities may charge tuition fees for a few specific programs which are generally at the Master’s level.  Most private universities and colleges in Norway charge tuition fees for all their programs and courses. But the fees are typically significantly lesser than those of similar programs in most other nations. Also, international students are not charged higher tuition fees than Norwegian students.

Cost of Studying in Norway: You have to take into deliberation that living costs are higher in Norway than in many other nations.  Living costs are estimated at around NOK 90,000-100,000 each year.

List of Universities and Colleges in Norway

Not interested in these Tuition-Free Countries for International Students? See other scholarships here

Tuition-Free Universities in Austria

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If you are a non-EU/EEA student, Austria’s federal/public universities only require around 726.72 Euros each semester for tuition fees and an extra 20.20 Euros each semester for student union association fee “ÖH-Beitrag” and student accident insurance fee.

A release from paying tuition fees or a full/partial discount of the tuition fees is likely in special situations (e.g. for beneficiaries of certain scholarship awards, for candidates in exchange programs and university collaborations, for candidates from certain nations). Additional information is obtainable at the website of the institution directly.

Cost of Studying in Austria: The living expense for students in Austria is roughly 800 Euros per month which includes food, accommodation, and personal costs.

List of Higher Education Institutions in Austria

Tuition-Free Universities in Germany

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Starting October 2014, all Universities in Germany with the exception of Baden-Württemberg* will not require any tuition fees for bachelor’s and successive master’s degree programs for all candidates including foreign students.  In a number of Federal States, Universities will require a semester contribution (around 50 euros) and/or admin fees (around 50 euros). This tuition fee system can be changed in the future; you should always check this page for up-to-date information on tuition fees across federal states in Germany. Presently, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg is requiring tuition fees (for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma, and state exam degree programs) of €1,500 each semester for non-EU nationals.

Unlike undergraduate programs, the majority of Master’s programs in Germany require tuition feesbut they are not as high as in other nations.

In contrast, doctoral programs at German universities are in principle free. Ph.D. candidates are charged tuition only after finishing their initial six semesters and they are only required to pay a semester fee of around 150-200 euros each semester. Doctoral candidates typically work on a research project (paid Ph.D. position) or obtain a scholarship award.

Cost of Studying in Germany: Averagely, German students require around 500-800 Euros monthly for food, accommodation, transport, and other expenses.

List of German Universities and Colleges.

Tuition-Free Universities and Scholarships in Finland

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Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA candidates have been initiated from autumn 2017 onwards for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programs. Only Doctoral programs will continue being free of tuition fees, irrespective of your nationality.

Finnish universities and UAS’s provide scholarship opportunities for talented non-EU/EEA candidates admitted to their fee-charging Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. EDUFI Fellowships are obtainable to provide living costs for Doctoral studies for up to one academic session.

Cost of Studying in Finland: An approximated living cost of a single student in Finland is, on average, about 700-900 Euros each month.

List of all Finnish institutions of higher education

Tuition Scholarships in Swedish Universities »

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Application and tuition fees are charged for students who are not nationals of an EU/EEA/Nordic nation or Switzerland studying at the bachelor’s or master’s stage. Nonetheless, the Swedish Institute and a considerable number of Universities provide full and partial scholarship awards in the form of tuition waivers for foreign students.

Ph.D. positions in Sweden are typically provided as paid positions by universities or other funding agencies. This means that if you are granted a position as a Ph.D. student, you will not be charged fees and will get a monthly salary.

List of Universities in Sweden that provide scholarships/tuition waivers

There are also a number of Universities providing online degrees/programs for free. One such University is the University of the People which is a tuition-free, non-profitmaking, recognized online university devoted to opening access to higher education internationally. University of the People provides online Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Science, Business Administration, and Computer Science, and also an MBA program.

Another one is an initiative of MIT and Harvard named edX which is a learning platform that provides students from any nation the chance to take free online programs offered by three top Universities in the US – MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkeley and around 50+ Universities and institutions.

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