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Fully Funded University of Guangdong Student Scholarships in China 2022/2023

The University of Guangdong Student Scholarships in China hosted by Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) is a multi-disciplinary university with a strong commitment to international cooperation and collaboration. In the last 60 years, the university has grown into a major educational and research institution in Guangdong province, in southern China, and has earned a reputation for producing graduates who are highly competent and renowned in their fields.

The Guangdong University of Technology (GDUT) may be a prominent provincial university within the province’s High-Level University Construction Project This university is found in Guangzhou, China’s third-largest city, and has various campuses covering a total land area of more than 550 acres.

With a strong emphasis on the study of engineering, management, arts, economics, science, literature, and law also with a broad range of other subjects, the University provides a diverse range of courses. GDUT now accepts overseas students as well as students enrolled in various levels of continuing education.

 Graduate and doctoral programs are offered through the university’s 19 colleges and schools, as well as 4 public course teaching centers. The university offers different courses in its 76 bachelor’s programs, 52 master’s programs, 11 PhD programs, and 5 post-doctoral mobile stations.

GDUT places a high value on scientific research and discipline growth, and the university has a long history of success in these areas. As reported by the ESI database in 2017, the Engineering of GDUT is listed in the top 0.5 percent of the world’s rankings, while the Material Discipline is featured in the top 1 percent of the world’s rankings, according to ESI database. Because of the National University Entrance Exams, all subjects have been designated as being eligible for enrollment in the first batch of undergraduate students since 2014.

Mechanical engineering, information engineering, material engineering, and chemical engineering are among the disciplines included in the “211 Project,” which is the province’s key construction program. The contribution of GDUT research skills has been crucial in numerous national, provincial, and native government programs for several years now.

 Furthermore, GDUT is establishing a strong international reputation as a trusted partner in research and teaching infrastructure. University investments in research and teaching infrastructure include. Equipment and devices worth 1.25 billion RMB were purchased to support teaching and research (including 15,271 computers).

The total floor space is 1.56 million square meters. University Library has a total of 3.77 million volumes in its collection, as well as an electronic journal collection consisting of over 2.24 million volumes. A network of research institutes, centers, and labs across a good range of subjects, working in conjunction with major corporations and universities in China and abroad, as well as with other countries.

Major research projects in a wide range of subjects are being carried out. University of Guangdong Student Scholarships has created linkages and partnerships with over 150 international institutions, businesses, and research institutes as part of its commitment to playing a more active and efficient role in global education.

University of Guangdong Student Scholarships have been established at GDUT to encourage international education and academic interchange. GDUT has always placed a high value on the development of international students and has played an important role in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2017, the Graduate Department of Technology is included in the 111 Project of the Ministry of Education and the Foreign Experts Bureau.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality teaching and learning to all or any of our youngsters in a caring environment that encourages them to develop holistically. The purpose of talent cultivation is to cultivate pupils who are both capable and morally upright in their actions.

To ensure that graduates are work-ready, innovative, and well-equipped to succeed in their chosen professional path, student education is heavily focused on applied and innovative learning. This explains why the utilization rate of GDUT graduates is among the very best of all universities in Guangdong, and why GDUT graduates are among the best in the world.

A total of 19 schools and faculties are housed here, with an emphasis on engineering and science. The national 211 Project includes the mechanical, materials, chemical, and information engineering schools, as well as other related institutions. It has more than 70 key laboratories and filed 2,166 patent applications in 2017, the sixth-highest number of patent applications filed by a Chinese institution.

Students are mostly housed at the Guangzhou HE Mega Campus at Waihuan Road, which opened in 2005 and serves as the city’s academic hub. Buildings on the former main campus on Dongfeng Road house departments such as architecture and urban planning, art and design, law, and continuing education, while management and economics are based in Longdong, and the Business School is located at Pony A student robotics team won the 2018 National Championship, defeating 1,450 rivals from 267 colleges and universities.

Meanwhile, a research team collaborating with three Australian universities has developed nano springs that can break down microplastics in water, which could be used to clean up the environment.

 The engineering school strives to be one of the best in China, and through its Research Institute of Rural Arts and Construction has developed programs aimed at revitalizing village life and communities through the arts.

The University of Guangdong Student Scholarships is open to all International Students.

Worth of University of Guangdong Student Scholarships

Participants within the University of Guangdong Student Scholarships will receive a tuition fee waiver starting from 50 percent to one hundred pc of the entire tuition fees.

Eligibility for University of Guangdong Student Scholarships

• Toto is considered for the University of Guangdong Student Scholarships applicants must meet the admission standards for the individual majors they choose to pursue.

• Candidates for the University of Guangdong Student Scholarships should have a strong sense of moral integrity and excel in academics to be considered.

• The applicants for the University of Guangdong student Scholarship must adhere to Chinese legislation as well as the policies of their respective universities and schools.

• Candidates for the University of Guangdong Student Scholarships are expected to possess characteristics that demonstrate their superior performance

How to apply for University of Guangdong Student Scholarships

Is this something you’d like to do? Apply for a position at Guangdong University on the first day of school.

  • The Institute of International Education (IIE) accepts “Scholarship Application Forms,” registration papers, and a letter of recommendation from the school’s president or headteacher between May 1st and July 30th each year from qualified applicants.
  • The IIE website has “Scholarship Application Forms” that can be downloaded
  • Three assessments will be completed by the University of Guangdong Student Scholarship, with all final findings to be made public by the end of August.

The application deadline for the University of Guangdong Student Scholarships is July 30, 2022. For more inquiries about the University of Guangdong Student Scholarship CLICK HERE

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