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Water Leader Scholarship at IHE Delft Institute in the Netherlands for 2022/2023

The Water Leader Scholarship educates future water leaders, and through the scholarship, the Institute will offer financial support to four students with particularly strong leadership potential. Continue reading this post as we explain more about Water Leader Scholarship, its worth, eligibility, and the application process.

The IHE Delft Institute for Water Leader Scholarship is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world and is located in Delft, Netherlands. The institute is a world-prominent knowledge center on water infrastructure, technology, and sciences, and attracts high-level students and scientists from around the world.

The institute cooperates with Delft, the water knowledge city, and water-related institutes located in Delft. The IHE Delft Institute grants fully approved MSc degrees, and Ph.D. degrees together with partners in the Netherlands.

However, since 1957, the IHE Delft Institute has provided graduate education to more than 23,000 water professionals from more than 190 countries and is a flagship institute in the UN-Water family. Since the institute’s establishment in 1957, it has provided postgraduate education to so many professionals (engineers and scientists) almost entirely from developing/transitional countries.

The IHE Delft Institute has also graduated more than 100 Ph.D. applicants and executed so many research and capacity development projects all over the world. Moreover, most of the alumni have reached senior positions in their home countries upon return, and remain key links in the global water network.

In addition, the IHE Delft Institute is a partner institute of the National SENSE Research School. Hence, as an approved institution, staff and students are expected to follow the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice.

The IHE Delft is instrumental in the enhancement of efforts by other universities and research centers in increasing the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the water sector. The Member States of UNESCO have access to the knowledge and services of the institute in human and institutional capacity-building, which is important to their efforts in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 6 (providing access to clean water and sanitation).

The institute executed three types of activities that suit and reinforce each other in the wide field of water engineering, water management, environment, sanitation, and governance. The IHE Delft’s major activities are education, research, and capacity building, with extra functions which include offering education, training, and research, providing capacity development services, particularly for developing countries; establishing and managing international networks of educational and water sector institutions and organizations; serving as a policy forum for the UNESCO Member States and other stakeholders; providing professional capacity and advice on water education; and playing a leadership role in international standard-setting for postgraduate water education programs and continuing professional education.

Worth of Water Leader Scholarship

The Water Leader Scholarship covers the full tuition fee of the MSc Program in Water and Sustainable Development (2022/23) for the top winner and covers half of the tuition fee for three others.

Eligibility for Water Leader Scholarship

  • The Water Leader Scholarship candidates will be assessed and ranked based on their academic records.
  • To be qualified for Water Leader Scholarship, you need relevant work experience.
  • Applicants must have the ambition to contribute to the fulfillment of water-related Sustainable Development Goals after graduation, as expressed in each candidate’s motivation as part of the application for admission

How to Apply for Water Leader Scholarship

If you are interested in Water Leader Scholarship and eligible for the scholarship, click here. You can also click here to apply.

Application Deadline for Water Leader Scholarship

The application deadline for Water Leader Scholarship is June 1, 2022.

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