Best Animation Schools in Canada

If you are particular about getting an animation school, one of the best animation schools in Canada is offering animation programs. Canada is one of the best locations to study to become a computer animation expert.

Canada has a flourishing film and entertainment industry and hundreds of animation, game, and VFX studios. The country has no short supply of schools and colleges where you can get an arts degree in animation.

However, Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia have lots of art and film schools that provide competitive animation degree programs. Animation is a progressive art. Note that media industry needs a steady supply of quality animators, which is why you must get a degree that will provide you with the right qualification for a rewarding job.


Keep reading this article to find out more about the top animation schools in Canada.

Animation as a Career

Animation is a very profitable profession. You work to produce motion pictures for games, cinemas and movies. Professionals new to this industry usually work in the capacity of junior animators in animation studios and production houses. To become an animator will give you the opportunity to work with top media houses in the country. It will also get you to network and connect with so many media genius in the industry and will pay you off well.

The average annual wage for special effects, artists and animators was $77,700 in May 2020. However, Glassdoor has the national average a bit lower at $74,000 and like any other fields, compensation for animators depends on experience and it is not uncommon for senior-level animators or art directors to earn well into six figures.

List of Some Top Animation Schools in Canada

  • Ontario College of Art and Design is one of the top animation schools based in Toronto, Ontario and also the largest and most comprehensive design, art and media university in Canada. Tuition fee is CAD $1,479.36 – $5,716.88 p/credit. The university’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (Drawing and Painting) program have a four-year duration.

The beauty of the program is that you come up as a more skilled graduate who can work in Artistic practice; Animation; Mural Work; Film, video, and TV Production.

  • The Art Institute of Vancouver is one of the best animation schools and top colleges for animation degree program in Canada and it is located in Vancouver, BC. Tuition fee is CAD $44,625 – $57,750. The Art Institutes of Vancouver offers an Animation Art & Design diploma program that lasts for 7 quarters. In this program, you will start with a foundation in drawing, color, design, and computer applications then progress to 2D animation, 3D animation, modeling, acting, and pantomiming.
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design is also one of the best animation schools in Canada. It is located in Vancouver, BC. This university is a totally art higher institution with four faculties that provides leading art, design, and media degree programs, certificates, continuing education courses, graduate studies, and research opportunities. Tuition fee is CAD $2,764.17 – $10,216.89 (18 Credits).
  • Seneca College is also one of the best animation schools and is based in Toronto, Ontario. The College is one of the places where you can change your passion to profession. Its Arts, Animation and Designs programs are one of the best in Canada.

The College’s animation programs include 3D Animation, Game Art and Animation, Animation, and Visual Effects for Film and Television. Tuition fee is CAD $10,469.

  • Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver is also one of the top animations schools and a comprehensive Arts college in Canada that offers a degree program in animation. The college’s animation program is the 3D Modelling Animation Art and Design and is located in Vancouver, BC. Tuition fee is CAD $36,458.00.

This program enlighten you to be a 3D Texture Artist, 3D Character Artist, 3D Character Animator, and 3D Lighting Specialist who is an expert.

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