Best Universities in Scotland Where You Can Study in 2021

Do we really need to convince you to study in the Best Universities in Scotland? From gorgeous sceneries rich in history to kind people and quality education and research, Scotland is a very tempting region for foreign students.

While Scotland is not as big an education hub as London, there are still a lot of school options to select from. We have put together a list of the best universities in Scotland based on the most renowned university rankings in the world: World University Ranking 2021 by Times Higher Education and QS Rankings 2021 by TopUniversties.

Below, you will find the top 5 best universities in Scotland. By visiting the included links, you will be able to find out more about what the school has to offer, and the programs that are accessible for study.


1. The University of Edinburgh – Best Universities in Scotland

The University of Edinburgh is certainly the best-ranked higher education institution from Scotland, placing number 20 globally in QS Rankings, and number 30 in Times Ranking. What makes this university so highly esteemed? To begin with, the teaching environment and 5-star facilities are some of the best globally. The research carried out at the university is also constantly quoted by academic papers, with 180 research areas accessible. As a result, finishing from the University of Edinburgh leads to a lot of employment prospects. The school is actually ranked number 10 in terms of the employability of alumni after graduation.        

2. University of Glasgow – Best Universities in Scotland

University of Glasgow is placed 77 in QS Ranking, and 92 in Times Ranking. The University of Glasgow has 500 years of academic record. The university provides a very balanced amount of degree programs, most concentrated on Social Sciences, Business and Medicine. The University of Glasgow also caters to scholars who want more restricted study times, providing plenty of online programs, short programs and MOOCs. The research carried out at the university is world-class, particularly in the field of biomedicine, coming up with therapies for many chronic diseases. During your education, you will gain guidance in exploring your interests and discovering your future career path.

3. University of St. Andrews – Best Universities in Scotland

The University of St. Andrews is Scotland’s premier university, and is, undoubtedly, linked with the history of the township where it was built, blending its dated history with modern times. The university is placed 96 in QS Ranking and features in the top 250 higher academic institutions in the world by Times Ranking. St Andrews is devoted to engaging its scholars from the initial day of class and makes it its mission to assist you discover your passion. The career centre at St. Andrews will assist you transform those passions into a fulfilling career.

4. University of Aberdeen – Best Universities in Scotland

University of Aberdeen, another Scottish higher academic institution that has been in existence for 500 years is seen as the “global university of the north” for its productive idea development impacting the world. It is placed 207 globally by QS Rankings, and 178 by Times Higher Education. The University of Aberdeen is all-encompassing and globally oriented. The research carried out at the university concentrates on the fields of Art, Social Sciences, Medicine and Physical Sciences

5. University of Dundee – Best Universities in Scotland

University of Dundee provides 200 Master’s degree programs to more than 16,000 schooling at the university each year. The university prides itself on the distinctive, welcoming experiences it offers to its scholars, matched with its exceptional award-winning teaching standards. You can also discover a range of scholarships provided by the school to assist students cover their expenses. You can find a lot of degree programs in the areas of Business, Medicine, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, and Law, among many others. University of Dundee features in the top 250 universities in the world as ranked by Times Higher Education, and is number 319 worldwide in the QS Rankings.

More universities where you can study in Scotland

Here are a few more schools from Scotland that did not feature on top of the ranking lists, but may still be decent study options for you:

Ready to begin your study adventure in Scotland? Well, its high-status, welcoming universities are waiting for you!

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