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University Of Sydney Australia Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship for 2023

Application is now open for the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship at the University Of Sydney. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About the University of Sydney and Scholarship

In Sydney, Australia, there is a public research institution called The University of Sydney (USYD), usually referred to as Sydney University or just Sydney Uni. It is one of the country’s six sandstone institutions and the oldest university in Australia, having been established in 1850.

The Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship at the University of Sydney in Australia is available to international students in 2023–2024. All Subjects Taught at the University of Sydney are Included in the Postgraduate Level Program(s) that are Permitted under the Scholarship. The scholarship has a 30 September 2023 deadline. An annual scholarship of no less than $45,950 is available to help students attend the University of Sydney Business School to pursue a Ph.D. or a Master of Philosophy.


Details about the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship at the University of Sydney:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Sydney Business School

Scholarship Value: Fully Funded

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Postgraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Sydney, Australia


Primary Scholarship

  • Stipend of $35,950 per year (indexed on January 1) for 3.5 years for PhD holders (with a potential extension to four years, subject to permission), or up to 1.5 years for holders of a Master of Philosophy (MPhil).
  • Additionally, academic tuition costs are offered to overseas students for up to 1.5 years for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Ph.D. holders, or 3.5 years for Ph.D. recipients (with a potential extension to four years with approval).
  • Additionally, winners will have the chance to collect at least $10,000 per year for performing particular teaching obligations. At the time of the scholarship offer, specifics will be provided.

Supplementary Scholarship

  • Amount paid annually throughout the scholarship duration that is equal to the difference between an externally financed scholarship and the Research Training Program (RTP) rate.
  • Tenable for up to 1.5 years for MPhil recipients and up to 3.5 years for Ph.D. recipients (with a potential extension to 4 years, pending permission).
  • Available only to students who are doing a research degree at the University of Sydney Business School and have been given an external scholarship by the University.

Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are advised to meet the following conditions to be eligible for the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship at the University of Sydney:

  • International students are eligible.
  • Be enrolled full-time 
  • Applying to the University of Sydney Business School for a postgraduate research degree; 
  • You must not yet have begun your postgraduate research degree.

Application Process for Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship:

Apply for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy (Business) program before the deadline to be eligible for an award the following semester. Outstanding researchers conducting postgraduate research with the University of Sydney Business School will be helped by the creation of an enhanced business school research scholarship.

Terms and Conditions

  • Background

a. The University of Sydney Business School has created the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship (EBSRS) to assist excellent researchers conducting postgraduate research there.

  • Eligibility

a. A candidate who submits an application for admission to a postgraduate research degree at The University of Sydney Business School by the appropriate deadlines will automatically be taken into consideration.

b. Students who have already started their postgraduate research degree at the University of Sydney are ineligible.

c. Withdrawing funding requests for the Research Training Program (RTP) is a requirement for recipients to receive the EBSRS.

  • Selection Criteria

a. The successful applicant will be awarded the Scholarship based on demonstrated academic achievement and research potential.

b. The successful applicant will be awarded the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship on the nomination of a selection committee consisting of the Associate Dean of Research Education, or their nominee, and at least two other academic staff from The University of Sydney Business School.

  • Value and Duration

a. For 3.5 years, the Scholarship offers an annual stipend (living allowance). For Ph.D. applicants, the Scholarship may be extended for up to four years, subject to funding availability, with the Associate Dean of Research Education’s permission, and in compliance with applicable university policy. The scholarship will be given to MPhil applicants for up to 1.75 years, after which they must upgrade to the Ph.D. program. Extensions are not feasible.

b. On January 1st of each year, the University of Sydney RTP scholarship value is used to index the value of the stipend.

c. International awardees also receive assistance with academic tuition payments. By applicable university policy, international Ph.D. graduates will have their academic tuition costs paid for 14 research periods, with the option to extend this to up to 16 research periods pending funding availability and the Associate Dean for Research Education’s permission. For up to seven research periods, international MPhil holders will have their academic tuition expenses reimbursed. Extensions are not feasible.

d. The maximum period of the scholarship will be reduced by any time spent working toward a degree before the start of the scholarship.

g. The Scholarship cannot be postponed or moved to another study field without the Associate Dean for Study Education’s prior permission.

f. There is no further payment due. 

g. The Scholarship will only be given out if there is money to spare.

  • Eligibility for Progression

a. Progress is conditional upon passing the yearly progress review, demonstrating adequate academic achievement, and meeting milestones for school-related research.

  • Leave Arrangements

a. Each year of the scholarship, the scholarship winner is entitled to up to 20 working days of paid vacation time, which may be accumulated. When the Enhanced Business School Research Scholarship ends or is finished, the student will, however, lose any unused time off. Recreational leave does not have a leave loading, but before taking it, permission from the supervisor is required.

b. Throughout the scholarship, the scholarship winner is allowed to accrue up to 10 working days of sick leave every year. On presentation of a medical certificate(s), students with family obligations, caring for sick children or relatives, or facing domestic abuse may convert up to five days of their yearly sick leave entitlement to caregivers’ leave. Students who need to take time off for illness must notify their supervisor as soon as possible.

c. Holders of the Scholarship may receive up to a total of twelve weeks of additional paid sick leave for periods of illness that are supported by a doctor throughout the length of their scholarship if the student does not have enough rights to sick leave under Clause 6b above. Students must submit their request for additional paid sick time as soon as they become absent, if possible. The length of the Scholarship is extended for extra paid sick leave times.

d. Scholarship recipients are eligible for a maximum of twelve weeks of paid maternity leave once they have received their grant for the full twelve months. Students should submit their requests for paid maternity leave at least four weeks before the anticipated due date. Paid maternity leave intervals are added to the Scholarship’s length. Holders of the Scholarship who have not yet used up their whole twelve-month award period may make use of the suspension provisions to take unpaid maternity leave.

  • Research Overseas

a. Within the first six months of receiving the scholarship, the student is often not permitted to do research abroad.

b. The recipient of the scholarship may carry out up to 12 months of research abroad. Only if the research is necessary for the completion of the degree will it be approved, which must be requested from the student’s supervisor, head of the department, and the Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre (HDRAC). A student’s candidacy will be determined by the total number of cumulative abroad research periods. To be allowed to count their time away, students must be enrolled full-time at the university.

  • Suspension

a. A scholarship winner cannot cancel their grant within the first six months of their studies unless a legal requirement arises.

b. During the period of their scholarship, the scholarship winner may ask for a suspension of up to 12 months for any reason. Suspensions accrue over time, and if you don’t pick up where you left off after one, your prize will be revoked. Both HDRAC and the head of the relevant department must approve any suspension. The maximum scholarship duration will be reduced to account for time spent pursuing a degree while the scholarship was suspended.

  • Changes in Enrolment

a. Any anticipated changes to their enrollment, such as attendance patterns, suspensions, leaves of absence, withdrawals, course transfers, and upgrades or downgrades of candidacy, must be promptly communicated to HDRAC and their supervisor. The University may ask the award recipient to reimburse any overpaid stipend if they fail to notify the University of the changes mentioned above.

  • Conversion Between Research Programs

a. The scholarship winner may shift from an MPhil to a Ph.D. as long as the HDRAC and the School allow the change in candidacy. The converted Scholarship will last for a maximum of the time left for their new candidacy, as long as it doesn’t exceed 16 research periods.

  • Termination

a. Unless otherwise specified in earlier clauses, the scholarship will expire as follows: 

I. upon submission of the thesis or after the award; 

II. upon resignation or withdrawal from the HDR program; 

III. If the student ceases to be a full-time student and prior approval has not been obtained to hold the scholarship on a part-time basis; 

IV. upon the student having completed 16 research periods of full-time study for a PhD, or 7 research periods for an HDR. 

V. EBSRS will only be offered as a scholarship for academic tuition fees where applicable; 

VI. does not resume studies after a period of approved leave, or; VII. if the student no longer meets the criteria for this scholarship (other than during the time that the scholarship is suspended or while on an approved leave);

b. The University may also revoke the scholarship before this point if, in the university’s opinion, any of the following conditions apply: I. the course of study is not being carried out competently and diligently or by the terms of this offer; 

II. The student fails to make satisfactory progress; or 

III. The student has engaged in misconduct or other inappropriate behavior.

c. During any inquiry or appeal procedure, stipend payments shall be halted.

d. Once the Scholarship has been canceled, it cannot be renewed unless there was an error on the part of the university.

  • Misconduct

a. The University may require a student to repay stipend amounts and any other payments made to the student in connection with the Scholarship if the student engages in misconduct or other inappropriate conduct while receiving the Scholarship (either while receiving the Scholarship or in connection with the student’s application and eligibility for the Scholarship). Academic dishonesty, research misconduct as defined by the Research Code of Conduct (such as plagiarism in the proposal, execution, or reporting of research, or failure to disclose or manage a serious conflict of interest), violation of the Code of Conduct for Students, and misrepresentation in the application materials or other documentation related to the Scholarship).

b. During or after the Scholarship period, the University may demand such restitution at any time. Additionally, by accepting this Scholarship, the student agrees that the University may disclose to the funding body and/or any applicable professional bodies all information related to any inquiry into misbehavior in connection with this Scholarship.

The Application Deadline is: 30 September 2023

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