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The University of Queensland Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary, Australia 2023

The University of Queensland is accepting applications for its partially funded Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary.

About the University of Queensland and Scholarship

Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia, serves as the primary location for the public research institution known as the University of Queensland (UQ). One of the six sandstone universities, or the oldest institution in the state, UQ was established in 1909 by the Queensland government. The University of Queensland is ranked 42nd globally and second in Australia in 2023 according to the three most prestigious university rankings. In addition, UQ is a founding member of edX, the top Group of Eight in Australia, as well as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

Following World War I, the University grew fast and quickly exceeded its inner-city setting. An additional property in Victoria Park (currently used by the Medical School) was acquired in 1922. Dr. James O’Neil Mayne and his sister Miss Mary Emelia Mayne supplied monies four years later to purchase the St Lucia property where the University’s main campus is presently located. Construction on the St Lucia site began in 1937, and the first structure afterward dubbed the Forgan Smith structure after the Premier at the time, was finished in 1939. During World War II, it functioned as the advanced command center for the Allied Land Forces in the South West Pacific.


In 1999, UQ built a sizable campus in Ipswich, the provincial capital, taking the place of the Challinor Center mental health facility. To help certain students with their studies, UQ continued to teach at the USQ Ipswich campus until 2016. This campus was given to the University of Southern Queensland in January 2015. 

Peter C. Doherty and John Harsanyi, two Nobel laureates, nearly a hundred Olympians who have won multiple gold medals, and 117 Rhodes Scholars are among the alumni and former employees of UQ. Former President of King’s College London Ed Byrne, member of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Council for Science and Technology Max Lu, triple Grammy Award winner Tim Munro, Australia’s first female governor-general Dame Quentin Bryce, Oscar and Emmy Award winner Geoffrey Rush, former CEO and Chairman of Dow Chemical Andrew N. Liveris, and current directors of numerous organizations are all alumni of the University of Queensland.

The Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary was founded in 1993 and is supported by the revenue of an external Trust Fund established in remembrance of her son by Mrs. Edna Dimmock, an early graduate of the University.

Details about Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary at the University of Queensland:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarship Value: $3,000

Number of awards: One

Study level: Undergraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Queensland, Australia

Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary – Eligibility Criteria

Applicants are advised to meet the following conditions to be eligible for the Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary at the University of Queensland:

  • are more than 6 to 10 units into your authorized program;
  • are enrolled full-time in an approved program (see list below);
  • are studying any engineering field in the civil engineering discipline.

Approved Program

  • Bachelor of Engineering/ Master of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  • an engineering dual program.

Selection Criteria

  • academic achievements and other proof that, as shown by a cover letter and CV and confirmed by the Head’s selection committee, is related to your potential success in the engineering profession.

Required Documents:

  • a copy of your resume
  • a cover letter
  • a copy of your studies report

Application Procedure for Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary

Interested applicants are expected to log in or register for the scholarship. Use these tips for putting together a great application to help you through this process. 


Philip Dimmock Memorial Bursary Rules (PDF, 93.14 KB)

What Next?

If your application is shortlisted, the admissions office may get in touch with you to set up an interview. Additionally, they will email you the results of your application.

The Submission Deadline is: 20 August 2023

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