Portuguese Student Visa

As an international student looking to study in Portugal, you will need to apply for a Portuguese Student Visa.

Portugal is an alluring nation not only for its education system, but for its active lifestyle and affordable cost of living. The education system is assorted and degree programs (undergraduate and graduate) are provided in many areas of study.

Before you submit an application to a polytechnic or university degree program in Portugal, you should verify if you require a student visa and discover the steps you should take to obtain it.


If you’ve made up your mind to study overseas in Portugal and you are from an EU or EEA nation, good news! You will not require a Portuguese student visa. The same thing applies for candidates from Iceland, Andorra, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

For all the other foreign students, just follow the steps listed below and get ready to apply for your student visa.

1. Apply to a Portuguese institution and get your admission letter

If you are still not certain where you want to school in Portugal, you will have to make a decision before you can begin your Portuguese Student Visa application procedure. After getting admitted at a Portuguese institution, you’ll get an admission letter needed for the visa application.

Here are some of the best schools in Portugal:

  • Universidade de Aveiro
  • University of Coimbra
  • University of Lisbon
  • University of Porto
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Find the right schools based on the discipline you are looking to study. Here are a few examples:

  • Master’s degrees in General Engineering in Portugal 
  • Master’s degrees in Management in Portugal 
  • Master’s degrees in Computer Sciences in Portugal 
  • Master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering in Portugal 

2. Discover what type of visa you require to study in Portugal

For study reasons, you can apply for one of the following Portuguese Student Visa:

  • Short-term student visa – for candidates who put in for a short study or language program that lasts for 3 months to one year.
  • Residence visa plus a residence permit – for candidates who put in for an academic study degree program that is longer than one year.

3. When and where to apply for the Portuguese Student Visa?

Apply for the Portuguese Student Visa at the nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate in your home country. They can also provide more information about:

  • whether you need a visa or not
  • the type of visa you need
  • the visa documents you need
  • the length of the visa application process

 Find out where the Portugal consulate is located in your nation. 

4. Tips about the visa application for Portugal

  • Schedule a visa interview on the website of the Portuguese embassy in your area.
  • Try to plan the appointment for a visa interview as soon as you can, as it may take up to 2-3 months to process and grant the visa.
  • Confirm all the conditions and ensure you have all the credentials before submitting them. Keep copies of your files, as you may need some of the documents.
  • After you receive your Portuguese Student Visa, you may be required to comply with some health requirements, such as vaccinations. 

5. Documents required for the visa application

  • Completed application form
  • One coloured passport photograph
  • A passport that expires a minimum of three months following your return home, with a minimum of one blank visa page
  • Evidence that you made payment of the application fee which may cost up to 170 EUR
  • Letter of admission from the school you applied to
  • Evidence of financial means to fund yourself during your stay in Portugal
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • A travel ticket or verified reservation to Portugal
  • Confirmed accommodation arrangements
  • Criminal records

6. Working in Portugal as an international student

EU/EEA candidates are permitted to work in Portugal without any constraints or time limit. Candidates from outside the EU/EEA can engage in part-time employment (up to 20 hours/week) or in full-time employment during holidays.

7. Conditions to apply for a residence card in Portugal

All students are required to apply for a residence card (Autorização de Residência) within four months of  getting to Portugal at a local city council hall.

Documents required for a residence permit:

  • Application form
  • Valid passport plus one photocopy
  • Two identical and recent passport photos
  • Proof of income/financial independence
  • Proof of accommodation

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