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University of Oxford Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme, UK 2024

Application is now open for the Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme at the University of Oxford. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About the University of Oxford and Fellowship

The University of Oxford, a respected institution with roots tracing back to 1096, stands as a collegiate research university located in Oxford, England. With a rich history, it holds the distinction of being the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second-oldest university globally, operating continuously since its inception.

Oxford’s academic legacy began to take shape in 1167, gaining momentum when Henry II prohibited English students from attending the University of Paris.


The university’s commitment to advancing journalism is exemplified through initiatives like the Journalist Fellowship Programme at the Reuters Institute. Renowned globally, this program serves as a premier platform for mid-career journalists to temporarily step away from their routine responsibilities and delve deeply into the realm of journalism. Many of the Journalist Fellows benefit from full funding, coupled with a stipend covering living and travel expenses.

During the fellowship, participants engage in personal research, seminars, networking events, and discussions with peers. This immersive experience facilitates a profound understanding of journalism, the news industry, and each fellow’s unique role within it. While in Oxford, fellows work on projects with tangible impacts on their careers, newsrooms, and the broader media landscape, integrating newfound knowledge acquired during their tenure at the Reuters Institute.

The Journalist Fellowship Programme is designed for working journalists and editors committed to returning to the field after a transformative stint at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute. It provides a conducive environment for reflection, research, and collaboration, fostering an enriching experience that enhances participants’ contributions to the dynamic field of journalism.

Details about the Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme at the University of Oxford:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Oxford, UK

Scholarship Value: Fully Funded

Number of awards: Several

Study level: Fellowship

Host Institution(s): University of Oxford, UK


  • The majority of the journalists on the show have full funding. The £2,000 monthly stipend awarded to successful applicants covers their fees as well as the cost of housing, food, and other living needs. The fellowship will also pay for any necessary visa fees as well as airfare to and from the UK. Throughout the fellowship, fellows should abstain from doing any professional work.
  • Furthermore, some Journalist Fellows hold positions with sponsoring organizations, which have their own admissions standards and application procedures. If you would like further information about applying for this fellowship or any other funding source, please get in touch with the institution.

Eligibility Criteria for the Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme

The University of Oxford Reuters Institute accepts around 30 Journalist Fellows from around the world each year, each of whom brings fascinating insights and a wealth of experience to the institute.

  • You must have at least five years of experience as a journalist, or in exceptional circumstances, show that you possess the same caliber of skill, to be eligible for one of the journalist fellowships. While working as a freelancer is not a barrier to applying, applications from people in corporate communications, public affairs, or public relations are not accepted.
  • Journalists from North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa are eligible to apply for the Journalist Fellowships.

Note: You won’t be assessed on your English language skills, but you will be able to follow and participate in discussions in the language. 

Further Information

  • Depending on their level of support, fellowships can last three or six months. Either October, January, or April is when they start. The organization will provide you with advice on when to arrive in Oxford on the optimal days. The calendar adheres to the university’s term dates.
  • It is expected of you to be here for the duration of your fellowship during term time. Short trips are allowed as long as you don’t miss any events that are scheduled.

Application Procedure for Reuters Institute Journalist Fellowship Programme

Are you interested and eligible for the fellowship? Complete the online application. You can visit the Reuters Institute website for further details.

The Submission Deadline is: February 19, 2024

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