Why Study an Arts Degree in Berlin in 2021?

Lots of prospective foreign students who wish to obtain an Arts degree do not even consider Berlin as a potential study abroad destination. Once anyone goes on a trip to Berlin though, it is impossible not to notice the abundant art galleries and one of the most exciting and creative street art. As a matter of fact, today, Berlin is known as one of the most creative cities in terms of modern art, like paintings, music, design, theatre and fashion.

Berlin offers numerous benefits to foreign students, including free tuition in public schools, a broad range of English-taught programs, including for Bachelor’s and Master’s Arts degree programs and a pulsating city life atmosphere.

Why study abroad in Berlin?

As stated by Huffington Post, Berlin is the trendiest city in Europe, covering a large diverse, young and vibrant environment. Berlin is one of the biggest student destinations in Germany, but it is also the major cultural and commercial centre in the nation. In line with QS Rankings, Berlin leads the top of best student cities in Germany, in terms of schools offerings, international student services and general leisure activities.


Some of the factors that made foreign students rate Berlin as a great study destination include:

  • Plenty historic monuments – scholars who generally have interest in history cannot go wrong with Berlin (from the Berlin Wall to the Jewish Museum, to Neues Palais, etc.).
  • Many exciting local events, like Berlin Weekly, Jazzfest Berlin, Berlin Fashion Week, Oktoberfest, Festival of Lights and others.
  • Beer culture and blooming nightlife – In Berlin, any event is a reason to drink beer. Local bars and pubs never close, so you can party till dawn with your peers.
  • Berlin is one of Europe’s most liberal capitals, welcoming any visitor and moreover, inspiring everyone to express themselves without restrictions in all regards.
  • In comparison to most cities in Germany, Berlin is highly global and multicultural, so speaking English is quite common.

Interesting locations worth going to in Berlin are: The Holocaust Memorial, Berlin Wall Memorial, Tiergarten, Museum Island, Potsdam, Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace.

Why study an Arts degree in Berlin?

Berlin has lots of art institutes and universities that provide Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Art, and offer artistic and advanced art training.

All universities and art institutions combine practical study and trips to local art galleries (about 450) and museums. Universities boast of modern facilities and provide students with the chance to use motion design labs, photo and TV studios.

Some of the Arts degree programs feature semesters overseas, summers schools, student contests or exchange programs, enabling students to acquire foreign experience. Since Berlin is such a global city, you get to experience and get inspired from various art styles and techniques and trade ideas with a broad and varied network of artists.

Furthermore, Berlin hosts many artistic events and lots of local organisations support artists in exhibiting and promoting their work, while others concentrate on marketing all exhibitions, screenings, presentations and lectures.

Teaching style in schools in Berlin

Foreign programs provided by schools in Berlin are completely or partially taught in English. An interesting and rather distinctive feature of schooling at a college of art or music in Berlin is that there is one on one instruction, or in small groups, closely monitored by a member of the teaching staff.

Other features of Arts degree programs in Berlin schools include:

  1. Theoretical classes are always merged with hands-on experience or projects.
  2. Scholars are encouraged to showcase their creativity freely and select their own topics for projects.
  3. Scholars can have open and free consultations with professors, and ask questions and seek advice at any time.

Universities offering Arts degree courses in Berlin

The main higher academic institutions devoted to students who wish to study Arts degree are:

  • Berlin Art Institute
  • Berlin University of the Arts
  • Bard College Berlin
  • Esmod Berlin International University of Art for Fashion 

Top-ranked schools in Berlin, offering a few Arts degree programs are:

  • Freie University of Berlin (ranked 119th in QS, and 75th in World University Rankings)
  • Humboldt University Berlin (ranked 126th in QS and 57th in World University Rankings)

Scholarships for international students in Berlin

If you wish to study abroad in Berlin, you can find different methods to fund your studies, including scholarships, fellowships, grants and student loans. Here are some scholarship opportunities for art students intending to attend programs at Berlin universities:

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