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University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship, New Zealand for 2023/2024

Application is now open for the University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in.

About the University of Otago and Scholarship

The University of Otago is a public research collegiate university with its headquarters in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand (Mori: Te Whare Wnanga o tkou). Otago University, one of the oldest in Oceania and the oldest in New Zealand was established in 1869.

The institution was founded by a Thomas Burns-led committee and given formal status by an Otago Provincial Council ordinance in 1869. The University of Otago was a division of the federal University of New Zealand from 1874 to 1961, and it conferred degrees under that name.


Otago is renowned for its active student community, notably for its flatting, which is frequently done in historic homes. There is a long-standing custom among Otago students to give their apartments names. The term “Scarfie” for students at Otago University refers to their custom of covering their faces with scarves in the bitterly cold southern winters. The graduation anthem of the university, Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus (“Let us rejoice, while we are young”), recognizes that students will continue to rise to the challenge, albeit not always in the way intended. Critic, the student publication of the institution, has been published for the longest period of time in New Zealand.

The University of Otago continuously holds a spot among the top 1% of universities worldwide. In the QS World University Rankings, QS Stars gave the university a rating of 5 stars Plus. The quality of Otago’s facilities, teaching, graduate employability, internationalization, and inclusion are all taken into account when determining the maximum grade that may be given under the QS Stars System.

The University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship grants money to help the University coursework-based Master’s students who are not enrolled in the Master of Business Administration. 

Details about the University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Otago, New Zealand

Scholarship Value: $10,000

Number of awards: Varies

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): University of Otago, New Zealand


The scholarship is worth $10,000, with the first $10,000 going toward a tuition fee rebate and the remaining $10,000 being paid out as a monthly stipend during the term of the scholarship.

Note: All payments will stop and no money will be reimbursed to the beneficiary if they leave their coursework Master’s program at the University of Otago while the scholarship is still in effect.

Eligibility Criteria for University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship

Applicants are advised to meet the following conditions to be eligible for the University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship:

  • Obtaining their first Otago Coursework Master’s qualification
  • Domestic or international students 
  • Pursuing a Coursework Master’s degree, excluding the Master of Business Administration (degree by papers only, or, if a research component is included, the research paper should have a point value of less than 90 points)*

* Coursework for the papers year of a two-year research Master’s degree, master’s scholarships are not offered.

Note That: Selection is primarily based on academic excellence as well as the counsel, endorsement, and ranking of the appropriate Head of Department or candidate. By departmental nomination, the application process begins. 

Application Procedure for University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship

Each candidate must apply for the required form. This must be submitted with the application for admission to the degree by those who have not yet enrolled in their desired degree.

After completing their initial Master’s papers and no later than one month after beginning the dissertation or research report portion of their degree, applicants who decide to pursue a research report or dissertation option should submit their application directly to the University of Otago Doctoral and Scholarships Office.

You can also visit the official website for further details.

The Application Deadline is: Not Specified

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