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Erasmus University Rotterdam ERIM PhD Program, Netherlands 2024

Erasmus University Rotterdam is accepting applications for its fully-funded ERIM PhD Program.

About Erasmus University Rotterdam and Scholarship

Located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam is a public research university with the abbreviation EUR and Dutch name Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam [eːˊrɑsmŏs ynivɛrsiˊtɛit rɔtərˈdɑm]. The university bears the name of the 15th-century theologian and humanist Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.

Every year in the fall, in November, applications for the ERIM PhD Programme open for the upcoming intake (new academic year). The application process is entirely online. Mid-January is the deadline for applications. Applications are processed starting in mid-January or early February, and candidates are notified of admissions decisions in mid-March.


Please be aware that the dates for some individual Ph.D. openings may not match the general dates listed above. Occasionally, a PhD position may open up outside of the yearly hiring cycle. Each project description includes the application deadline. Please go to the PhD Vacancies page for further information.

PhD Project Selection

Before applying for the PhD Program in Management, candidates must select one of the open PhD opportunities (see the PhD Vacancies page). It should be noted that you are limited to applying to two PhD studies at a time.

The PhD jobs at the institution are fully supported in compliance with Dutch labor legislation. No need to complete scholarship applications. The scholarship (compensation) is awarded automatically upon acceptance. ERIM does not provide lodging options.

Details about Erasmus University Rotterdam ERIM PhD Program:

Scholarship Sponsor: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Scholarship Value: Fully Funded

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: PhD

Host Institution(s): Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Required Documents for Erasmus University Rotterdam ERIM PhD Program

The university advises you to gather all of the necessary paperwork before beginning to fill out the online application.

  • Curriculum vitae in English, including all personal data.
  • A certified copy of all academic diplomas in the original language (certified copies should bear the original sign and original seal of the issuing office). If you are still in the process of completing your current degree program and do not have a diploma yet, you will need to provide it as soon as it is available. 
  • A certified translation of academic diplomas in English or Dutch (if applicable). If a translation is not available from the issuing office, a translation bearing the original sign of a sworn translator will be accepted.
  • A verified copy of every academic record, including grade lists, in the source language (authenticated copies must include the original signature and seal of the certifying authority). You must first submit a provisional grade list if you are currently finishing your present degree program and do not yet have a final list of grades. It must be an official document that has been validated or issued by the examination administration or registrar’s office. At the time of application, it shouldn’t be more than a month old. You must still submit the official grade list as soon as it is ready, even if you provide a provisional one.
  • A certified translation (where appropriate) of the transcripts into Dutch or English
  • A translation with the original signature of a sworn translator will be acceptable if one is not available from the issuing agency.
  • Two letters of academic recommendation (only letters of academic recommendation are acceptable). In the online application form, you will provide the referees’ email address, affiliation, and position. The school requests that you let them know that they may get in touch with your referee by telling them that you have given them your contact information, if applicable. ERIM will extend an invitation to them to provide a letter of recommendation. The reference letters don’t need to follow any particular format. The school needs two references, but if you would like, you are welcome to submit a third.
  • Original GMAT/GRE test score (see Test Information); ideally, your results should be in the 85th percentile or above among test takers for the GMAT/GRE. You can apply without taking the GMAT or GRE, but they will look for other proof of your excellence, like a master’s exceptionally well-written thesis, research experience, publications, and/or other output that shows you have engaged in science, or extremely high grades (top 15%) on your prior degrees from reputable universities. 
  • Original score from the TOEFL or IELTS exam (see Test Information)
  • A motivation letter or statement of purpose outlining your reasons for wanting to work at ERIM as a Ph.D. candidate and why you are the best candidate
  • A research statement in which you should outline the kinds of research questions you are interested in and the kinds of approaches you plan to employ to address the topic or questions you have. The maximum length of this research statement should be two pages (font size 11, single spacing). Academic references could be included. 
  • Publications and/or submissions to conferences (optional, not required).

Note: Copies of certified documents must display the original seal and signature of the office that issued them. A translation carrying the original sign and seal of a sworn translator will be accepted in place of the document’s translation if one is not available from the registrar’s office.

Email or fax applications are not accepted.

Applications will only be taken into consideration if all necessary documents are present.

Selection Criteria

Approximately two months following the application deadline (mid-March 2024), the applicants will get the selection results.

Application Procedure for Erasmus University Rotterdam ERIM PhD Program

Applications must be submitted online by candidates. The online application requires candidates to scan and submit several files, along with the necessary documentation. You might need to combine many papers into one as each necessary document can only contain one file. The files you have submitted are best in PDF format, although JPG and MS Word are also acceptable.

Please visit the Admission Requirements page and the FAQ page if you have any queries about the prerequisites for admission and the application process.

Please visit the school’s Selection Procedure page for more details about the process. Please send an email to to get personal advice from the ERIM Doctoral Office if you would want to apply for the program but were unable to fulfill the application deadline or if you have any particular queries that are not addressed on the FAQ page.

The Submission Deadline is: January 15, 2024

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