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The University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship, Netherlands 2024

Application is now open for the University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship. Interested candidates are encouraged to send in their applications before the deadline date.

About the University of Twente and Scholarship

Established in 1961 as Technische Hogeschool Twente (THT), the University of Twente underwent a transformative journey to become the third polytechnic institute in the Netherlands to attain university status, following Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology. The evolution culminated in the institution’s renaming to Universiteit Twente (University of Twente) in 1986, aligning with amendments in the Dutch Academic Education Act of 1984.

The strategic choice of Enschede as the host city for the Netherlands’ third technical university was influenced significantly by the rich manufacturing industry in the northeastern province of Twente, encompassing textiles, metal, electrical engineering, and chemicals. The decision also aimed to invigorate the local economy, providing a counterbalance to the decline in the textile industry. The municipality of Enschede further supported this vision by making the Drienerlo estate available as the inaugural campus for the University of Twente.


Renowned globally, the University of Twente secured its position among the top 200 most prestigious universities according to the Times Higher Education Ranking. The institution’s notable performance in the Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure 2021 ranking earned it the eleventh spot worldwide. Additionally, the fields of psychology and social sciences demonstrated strength, receiving a commendable 101–125 placement in global rankings.

In the Shanghai Ranking 2021, the University of Twente’s excellence in Geoinformation and Earth Observation Sciences garnered recognition. Particularly, in the realm of remote sensing, the university attained a position among the top ten universities globally, reflecting its steadfast commitment to this domain, slated for further expansion in the coming years.

The University of Twente’s campus, situated on the former country estate of Drienerlo between Hengelo and Enschede, spans 140 hectares of woodland, meadows, and water. Designed by architects Van Tijen and Van Embden, it stands as the first and, to date, only Dutch campus university fashioned along American lines. Here, students and staff seamlessly integrate their living, working, and leisure activities.

The Kipaji Scholarship Fund is a testament to the University of Twente’s commitment to nurturing talent from countries with burgeoning economies. Specifically crafted for students from these nations who possess exceptional potential but lack the means to pursue studies at the University of Twente, the scholarship serves as additional support for UTS scholarship students. This initiative reflects the university’s dedication to fostering diversity and providing opportunities for promising individuals to excel in their academic pursuits.

Details about the University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Twente, Netherlands

Scholarship Value: Up to €12,000 

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): University of Twente, Netherlands

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship

Candidates are advised to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship:

  • Possess citizenship in one of the  DAC countries (Least Developed Countries & Other Low-Income Countries) member nations.
  • Get a University of Twente Scholarship (partial). They can be guaranteed a complete scholarship thanks to the Kipaji Scholarship.
  • Have received good ratings (average of 8) for their pre-master program.
  • Send in a motivation letter explaining how they want to utilize their studies at the University of Twente to further science or pursue business ventures back home.

Application Process for the University of Twente Kipaji Scholarship

You must have received a University of Twente Scholarship to be qualified for the Kipaji Scholarship. Please visit the UTS website to view the particular criteria.

The program’s faculty puts you forward for a Kipaji Scholarship. You could be required to provide a motivation letter explaining your plans to use your studies at the University of Twente to advance science or pursue entrepreneurial endeavors back home, upon request from the faculty. When you satisfy the requirements, please mention in your motivation letter for the UTS scholarship that you would also like to apply for the Kipaji Award.

The Submission Deadline is: 1 May 2024

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