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Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business Ph.D. Program in Business Administration in the USA for 2023/2024

Fuqua’s Ph.D. Program in Business Administration (CIP 52.1399, STEM eligible) prepares graduates for research and teaching positions at renowned educational institutions, as well as positions requiring advanced research and analytical skills. At Fuqua, you’ll establish close professional ties with top academics in your field while learning in a fascinating and collaborative atmosphere. To support the ground-breaking interdisciplinary research for which we are renowned, we strongly promote strong partnerships between students and faculty, both inside your academic field and across fields.

About Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

The business school of Duke University, a private research university in Durham, North Carolina, is called the Fuqua School of Business (pronounced /fjukw/). More than 1,300 students are enrolled in degree-seeking programs there. Additionally, non-degree business education and professional development programs are provided by Duke Executive Education. The Financial Times ranked its MBA program as the eighth-best business school in the US in 2023.

The Graduate School of Business Administration, founded in 1969, welcomed its initial cohort of 20 students in 1970. Thomas F. Keller, a 1953 Duke alumnus, took over as head of the graduate program in 1974. Keller’s capital campaign raised $24 million in three years, $10 million of which came from entrepreneur and benefactor J. B. Fuqua. The Fuqua School of Business was thereafter used to refer to the graduate institution.


His grandparents brought up J. B. Fuqua on a tobacco plantation in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Fuqua first connected with Duke University when he requested books from the university’s library via mail. When J. B. Fuqua passed away on April 5, 2006, his total donations to Duke were close to $40 million.

As part of its expansion plan, Fuqua opened offices in St. Petersburg, Russia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Shanghai/Kunshan, China; New Delhi, India; and London, England in September 2008. Accounting, Marketing, Decision Sciences, Economics, Finance, Management, Health Sector Management, Management Communication, Operations Management, and Strategy are among the eleven specialties into which the school’s faculty is divided.

In both 2010 and 2012, BusinessWeek’s Intellectual Capital ranked the faculty first in the US. Fuqua received 3,539 applications for the Daytime MBA Class of 2024, with a 20.5% admission rate. A 399-person class was filled by about 55% of those accepted into the MBA program. The GMAT’s average score was 720. With 52% international and 48% female students, Fuqua reports a GMAT range of 680-760 for 80% of its pupils.

Fuqua’s Ph.D. Program in Business Administration – Benefits

If you are making good progress in the program, your admission to the Ph.D. program will cover your stipends, tuition, registration, and health expenses for up to 10 semesters. Additional types of financial aid include:

  • Assistance in seeking funding from the Graduate School and outside sources
  • Desktop computer
  • Support for approved academic travel

Eligibility for Fuqua’s Ph.D. Program in Business Administration

The Duke University Graduate School confers degrees through the Fuqua School of Business, and the Fuqua Ph.D. Program in Business Administration adheres to its standards. Generally speaking, it takes 5 years to complete a Ph.D. program. Following your selection of a specific study program based on your interests and goals in consultation with a faculty member in your academic field, you must:

  • Through your coursework and independent study, acquire knowledge in your area of particular interest.
  • Pass an initial qualifying exam in this field of study by the third year of residence, whichever comes first.
  • Successfully defend your dissertation

How to Apply

Please get in touch with our Ph.D. Program Office at (919) 660-7862 or by email if you have any questions about Fuqua’s Ph.D. in Business Administration program. On the Duke Graduate School website, applications for the Ph.D. program are available. 

Merit-based admission is combined with a competitive process. Each academic discipline matriculates two to three students annually on average. The acceptance rate varies by region from 2% to 8%.

Visit Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business website for further information.

Application Deadline

December 15, 2023

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