Reasons to Study in Scotland in 2021

Students who decide to study in Scotland will not only acquire top-quality education, but they will also reside in one of the most hospitable places in the world with enthralling and unique culture and traditions. Home to some of the most spectacular sceneries in the United Kingdom and also to lots of exceptional schools, Scotland is a brilliant place to pursue a degree overseas.

Everyone has heard about the famous kilts, bag-pipe players or ceilidh dances and even the Loch Ness Monster folklore, but Scotland has more to offer than these iconic elements.

Discover why you should give the idea of a study in Scotland serious thought.


1. Select an appropriate learning style for any study area you can think of!

Scottish universities and higher academic institutions provide about 4,500 programs in over 150 subject areas at undergraduate and graduate level. They also offer lots of research-led programs obtainable both on campus and online and you can obtain a degree in disciplines like:

  • History
  • Architecture
  • International Law
  • Asian Studies
  • Data Science
  • Business

Furthermore, since one learning pattern doesn’t fit everybody, Scotland’s schools take various approaches to their programs, so no study program is the same. That could be one of the most crucial things to think about when picking the right program for you.

2. They know the education game – Study in Scotland

Taken together, they have been doing it since the 15th century! Some of the oldest higher academic institutions in the world are in Scotland, and they have been around since the early 15th century.

Scotland schools have been acknowledged for their teaching excellence and significnt research. In line with Times Higher Education and Shanghai Ranking, the highest ranked universities in Scotland are:

3. The whole country is your campus – Study in Scotland

The more recent universities especially don’t stick to the four walls for their learning. Archaeological locations on Orkney, marine centers in Shetland, and Argyll have been transformed into learning sites, enabling scholars who study in Scotland to get close to their subject and acquire first-hand experience. There is strong advocacy in Scotland’s institutions for more partnerships, meaning greater access to resources for you!

And to enable this, there is a huge increase in the technology used in education, making materials obtainable online, or making use of video conferences for classes while you are at a special site.

4. Research done in Scottish universities rocks!

Scotland’s schools are globally known for “cutting-edge” research and some of the modern advances within Scottish schools have led to such things as the MRI scanner and keyhole surgery. Scholars who study in Scotland also take part in the development of video games, earthquake risk estimation and forecasting, and new advances in quantum mechanics.

Furthermore, the University of Edinburgh is a Russel Group member, listed among the best in the United Kingdom for research power. The institution is particularly renowned for its research work in medicine and healthcare, and some of their recent projects are linked to discovering causes of childhood blindness.

Scottish scholars produce more academic papers and citations per 10,000 citizen of the population than anywhere else globally!

5. Scottish people are super friendly – Study in Scotland

Scotland is renowned for its warmth, and that’s no myth. While you hear tales of violence at football games, these things are really exaggerated, and Scotland is a friendly and hospitable place to study. Scottish people are excited to assist foreigners, give them a pleasant welcome and guidance on the best places to eat and drink in town.

A minimum of 21% of scholars in Scotland’s universities are not from Scotland, with over 11% being from the EU or EEA. That implies that no matter where you come from, you won’t be alone in being unacquainted with your surroundings. And to assist you settle in, there are a large number of associations for scholars from and out of Scotland to mingle and get to know the nation.

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