Scholarship By Countries


Are you interested in studying abroad on scholarship? Do you have a preferred study destination?


There are multiple international scholarships for you to study in any country of choice, or just about anywhere in the world.


There are numerous scholarships funded by NGOs, Government, private bodies, and awarding institutions, especially in the developed countries.


Governments of many developed countries have taken the responsibility to provide tuition-free and quality educations for their citizens and international students that wish to study abroad as a part of offering financial assistance to indigent students.


Here are scholarships by countries. Each country has numerous scholarships that you can apply for.


Click on any country of your choice and find scholarships for international students, and also scholarships for citizens of the selected country.


Here is our A to Z list of scholarship by countries:


Australia Scholarships


Azerbaijan Scholarships


Brazil Scholarships


Bulgaria Scholarships


Canada Scholarships


China Scholarships


France Scholarships


Germany Scholarships


Hungary Scholarships


India Scholarships


Iran Scholarships


Ireland Scholarships


Italy Scholarships


Japan Scholarships


Netherland Scholarships


New Zealand Scholarships


Qatar Scholarships


Romania Scholarships


Russia Scholarships


Singapore Scholarships


South Africa Scholarships


Spain Scholarships


Switzerland Scholarships


Turkey Scholarships


UAE Scholarships


UK Scholarships


USA Scholarships

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