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Ursinus Gateway International Scholarship in USA for 2023

Ursinus College is now accepting applications for its partially funded Ursinus Gateway International Scholarship.

About Ursinus College and Scholarship

In Collegeville, Pennsylvania, there is a private liberal arts institution called Ursinus College. It has a 170-acre campus and was established in 1869. The Freeland Seminary, established in 1848, served as the precursor of Ursinus College. An estimated 1500 students are supported by its $127 million endowment. Students can pick from 60 different course options.

German Reformed Church members started making preparations in 1867 to start a college where “young men could be liberally educated under the benign influence of Christianity.” The founders wanted to create a rival institution to the one at Mercersburg, Pennsylvania (today’s Lancaster Theological institution), which they saw as becoming more and more at odds with the traditional Reformed religion.


The Pennsylvania Legislature awarded the institution a charter two years later, allowing it to start running on the premises of Todd’s School, founded in 1832, and the nearby Freeland Seminary, founded in 1848. The college’s first president, Dr. John Bomberger, presided over it from 1869 until his passing in 1890. Zacharias Ursinus, a German theologian who was significant to the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, was the subject of Bomberger’s proposal to name the institution.

When classes at the institution started in September 1870, the Zwinglian Literary Society was established on October 4. For a long time, the “Zwing” and Schaff yearly opening meetings served as the highlight of the academic year. As a direct result of the Pennsylvania Female College’s closure in 1880, women were first allowed to enroll in 1881. The Olevian, a separate literary organization for women, was established in 1885.

Incorporated as the Borough of Collegeville in 1896, Freeland is a town. In 1869, the Reading Railroad gave it that name in honor of the Pennsylvania Female College, not the then-new Ursinus, as is commonly believed. However, through time, Ursinus has come to represent the “college” in Collegeville.

Are you prepared to fulfill your academic aspirations? The Ursinus Gateway Scholarship is available to qualified domestic and international students who apply. Undergraduate students who want to enroll in a degree program at the institution are eligible for this award.

Admissible candidates who score an SAT of 1250 or higher, take the ACT of 28 or more, or have an unweighted GPA of 3.85 or above on a 4.0 scale at the time of their application are guaranteed $35,000 each year under the Gateway Scholarship.

Details about Ursinus Gateway International Scholarship:

Scholarship Sponsor: Ursinus College, USA

Scholarship Value: Up to $35,000 per year

Number of Awards: Several

Scholarship level: Undergraduates

Host Institution(s): Ursinus College, USA

Eligibility Criteria for Ursinus Gateway International Scholarship

  • International students are eligible to apply.
  • Those accepted into undergraduate programs.
  • The scholarship is available for University undergraduate courses.
  • Based on academic excellence, the grant is given to students who are enrolled full-time in the honors program during the semester in which it is given.
  • A remarkable capacity for personal achievement (e.g., emotional maturity, drive, perseverance, etc.)
  • A high school transcript and/or GRE results (you must also provide a certified translation of your transcript if it is not in English)
  • Candidates must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent.
  • Candidates must possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as be highly driven, responsible, and capable of working independently in a disciplined manner.
  • A full-time program offer from Ursinus College in the United States is required for applicants.
  • English Language Requirement: Applicants must show proof that they fulfill Ursinus College’s basic standards for English language competency.

Application Process for Ursinus Gateway International Scholarship

To access the scholarship application, interested candidates must first apply for admission to Ursinus (please check the email address linked with your application), then log in using the username and password that were issued to them upon submission of their application. You can also visit the official website for further details.

The Application Deadline is: Not Specified

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