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World Citizen Talent Scholarship at Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands for 2024

Application is now open for the World Citizen Talent Scholarship at Hague University of Applied Sciences. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About Hague University of Applied Sciences and Scholarship

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), also known as De Haagse Hogeschool, stands as a distinguished institution with multiple campuses strategically positioned in and around The Hague within the Randstad metropolitan region in the western Netherlands. Since its establishment in 1987, the university has progressively expanded, with campuses in The Hague, Delft, and Zoetermeer. The main campus, situated behind The Hague Hollands Spoor railway station and adjacent to the Laakhaven Canal, serves as the central hub for academic pursuits.

Renowned for its vibrant international character, THUAS proudly boasts a diverse student population, with representation from approximately 124 nationalities. The university actively cultivates partnerships with companies, public bodies, and organizations in the Haaglanden region and beyond, fostering a global perspective. THUAS places a strong emphasis on English proficiency training through its English Language Preparatory School, offers valuable work placements, and encourages international exchanges, reinforcing its commitment to a globalized approach to education. The university is actively engaged in research, providing various postgraduate and continuing professional education courses to meet evolving academic needs.


In the distinctive Dutch higher education landscape, THUAS falls under the category of universities of applied sciences. These schools place a higher priority on the real-world application of the arts and sciences than do typical research universities. They also place a strong emphasis on practical training and thorough professional preparation.

Curiosity, connection, and compassion are the foundational ideals of THUAS. To obtain new insights, the institution heavily invests in its network and aggressively fosters a culture of inquiry, ambition, and entrepreneurship. THUAS places a great emphasis on the connections within its network and is profoundly committed to the personal development of its personnel and students. Activating, demanding, and feasible education that prepares students for global issues is what THUAS’s international nature, distinguished by inclusivity, stands for.

Through the World Citizen Talent Scholarship, THUAS provides a unique chance for those who consider themselves to be global citizens (WCTS). This yearly scholarship program, which offers up to three one-time scholarships of EUR 5,000 apiece, highlights THUAS’s dedication to developing a community of bright, gifted, and aspirational people who share a common understanding of global citizenship. The scholarship is a testament to the university’s commitment to creating a welcoming and internationally aware learning environment.

Details about the World Citizen Talent Scholarship at Hague University of Applied Sciences:

Scholarship Sponsor: Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Scholarship Value: 5,000€

Number of awards: 3

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Eligibility Criteria for World Citizen Talent Scholarship

Applicants are advised to meet the following requirements to be qualified for the World Citizen Talent Scholarship at the Hague University of Applied Sciences:

  • Not be residents of the Netherlands and have their origins elsewhere.
  • Are registering for the first time at The Hague University of Applied Science Pro.
  • Have never before applied for this scholarship.
  • Have received a conditional acceptance to begin your selected program on March 31st, at the latest, for the forthcoming academic year.

Application Procedure for World Citizen Talent Scholarship at Hague University of Applied Sciences

Step 1

Apply online with the tool of your choosing for the Master’s program.

Step 2

Complete the following essay assignment.

Step 3

Send an email with your essay to Kindly include your name and student number in the essay, and in the subject line of the email, put WCTS and your student number. Your essay must be sent in by March 31, 2024.

The Application Deadline is: 30 March 2024

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