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R.D Arida Residential Scholarship at the University of Queensland, Australia 2024

Application is now open for the R.D. Arida Residential Scholarship at the University of Queensland. Interested applicants are encouraged to send in their applications before the deadline date.

About the University of Queensland and Scholarship

The inception of a university in Queensland was first discussed in the 1870s, gaining momentum with a Royal Commission in 1874 chaired by Sir Charles Lilley. The commission, recommending the immediate establishment of a university, faced opposition from those asserting the primacy of technical education over academic pursuits in an economy driven by primary industry. Advocates for the university, seeking to distance themselves from the Oxford and Cambridge models, proposed adopting an approach inspired by the midwestern states of the U.S.A. In 1891, a second Royal Commission recommended the inclusion of five faculties—Arts, Law, Medicine, Science, and Applied Science—in the envisioned university.

Despite these recommendations, education held a low priority in Queensland’s budgets, with primary education taking precedence over secondary and technical education in a colony where the literacy rate was 57% in 1861. Despite the findings of the Royal Commission, the government hesitated to allocate funds for the university’s establishment.


The University of Queensland (UQ) was eventually established through an Act of the State Parliament on December 10, 1909, marking the 50th anniversary of Queensland’s separation from New South Wales. The Act mandated governance by a senate of 20 individuals, and Sir William MacGregor became the first chancellor, with RH Roe serving as the vice-chancellor.

UQ earned recognition on the global stage, securing the 42nd position in the 2022 aggregate rankings, which consider the performance across QS, THE, and ARWU. These rankings were part of the Aggregate Rankings of Top Universities published by UNSW.

One notable scholarship at UQ is the R.D Arida Residential Scholarship, established in 2003 and sustained by a bequest from Rachid Lahoud Arida. This scholarship is integral to the UQ Residential Scholarships Scheme, allowing applicants to be considered for various scholarships within the scheme through a single application.

Details about the R.D Arida Residential Scholarship at the University of Queensland:

Scholarship Sponsor: Late Rachid Lahoud Arida/University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarship Value: $10,000 towards accommodation costs

Number of awards: May vary

Study level: Undergraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Queensland, Australia

Enrolment Status: Future UQ student, Current UQ student

Eligibility Criteria for R.D Arida Residential Scholarship

Applicants are advised to meet the following requirements to be eligible for the R.D Arida Residential Scholarship at the University of Queensland:

  • Are you a domestic student
  • Able to prove financial difficulty
  • Are registered in any bachelor’s program or plan to enroll in one in the year the grant is given
  • Are a commencing student who has never attended college at the bachelor’s degree level or higher
  • Is residing at, or plans to remain at, an approved provider of accommodations
  • Having lived in North Queensland at the time of application, either in Townsville or somewhere else in the north.

Note: Those who were residents of North Queensland at the time of application will get this scholarship.

Application Procedure for R.D Arida Residential Scholarship

Fill out the application form and attach the following:

  • QTAC reference number
  • proof of financial problems such as Centrelink statements, ATO statements, family income, etc.
  • proof of regional/rural/remote residency

Use the tips for putting together a great application to help you through this procedure.

What Next?

As soon as they receive your application, the admissions office will inform you by email. For further details, send an email to if you haven’t heard back from them after two business days after submitting your application.


UQ Residential Scholarships Rules (PDF, 568.37 KB)

The Application Deadline is: 29 January 2024

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