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Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK 2024

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is accepting applications for its partially funded Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship.

About London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Scholarship

A member of the University of London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is a public research university with a focus on tropical medicine and public health located in Bloomsbury, central London.

When Basia joined the MSc in Medical Demography program in 1975 (which was the forerunner to the MSc Demography & Health program), she began her lengthy affiliation with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). She continued to work there as a Research Fellow before moving to Trinidad for eight years in 1980. She started as a staff member of the UN Economic Commission for Latin America before accepting a part-time job at the University of the West Indies. 


She was given an ESRC fellowship upon her return to LSHTM in 1988, which allowed her to carry out fieldwork in Mwanza, Tanzania. After being persuaded by this that HIV/AIDS was the region’s most pressing health, demographic, and development issue, she began working almost entirely on this subject in the mid-1990s. She gained a significant reputation internationally as a result of her visionary, groundbreaking work in this field, which included founding the ALPHA network of population-based HIV surveillance sites.

Basia has made significant contributions to the field of indirect techniques of demographic estimation in addition to her work on HIV. From 2012 to August 2015, Basia served as the head of the Department of Population Health while still holding the Brass/Blacker Chair in Demography.

Details about the Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine:

Scholarship Sponsor: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Scholarship Value: Up to GBP 14,270.00

Number of awards: 1

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Courses: MSc Demography & Health


One partial scholarship of GBP 6,165.00 for domestic students and GBP 14,270.00 for overseas students, which covers half of each student’s total tuition fees, is available for the 2024–25 academic year. 

Eligibility Criteria for Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility for funding

Applicants who have been accepted into the 2024–25 intense MSc Demography & Health program are eligible for the scholarship.

Prospective students who exhibit a clear interest in the field of demographic estimate, or the demography of low-income nations, will be given preference.

If selected for financing, applicants must fulfill the minimal English language proficiency requirements set by the school.

In addition to covering their housing and travel expenses, applicants must have additional resources to cover the remaining half of their fees (GBP 6,515.00 domestically or GBP 14,270 abroad). As stated, this scholarship can only cover half of the total cost.

Selection Criteria

  • It is recommended that applicants finish Step 1 as soon as possible to give the LSHTM admissions application fee processing time of GBP 50.00. Applicants will not be able to apply to study until the payment has been processed.
  • To guarantee that there are no delays in admissions or payment processing that could affect reaching the scholarship deadline, the university advises applicants for this funding to finish and submit their study application at least two to three days before the deadline.
  • Applications that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline will not be funded. Applications that are missing papers from Step 1 or Step 2 above are considered incomplete.
  • According to the scholarship advertisement, both the study application and the scholarship application form need to be submitted by the deadline. By the scholarship deadline, applicants must make sure that all required supporting documentation has been uploaded through LSHTM’s Admissions Portal.
  • Upon receiving an offer of admission, applicants who are accepted for study will be required to make a deposit payment within 28 days. Scholarship applicants at LSHTM are required to email the Admissions Team to indicate that they are awaiting word on their application. (Applicants must provide in this email the name of the scholarship and the anticipated decision date for the Admissions staff. This needs to be done for each application that the candidate has submitted.) The deposit deadline will thereafter be extended by the admissions staff to coincide with the scholarship funding decision deadline.
  • The entire name of the applicant, the scholarship for which the application is being made, and the technical difficulty that was experienced should all be provided to LSHTM’s IT Services team by applicants who experience any technical difficulties when utilizing the Admissions application portal. If at all feasible, please submit a screen grab to
  • Please email the LSHTM Scholarships team at with any questions you may have regarding the application procedure, requirements, or deadline.
  • Applicants accept the Terms and conditions of this financing by applying.
  • Please be aware that beyond the deadline, only applications will be examined and processed. Regardless of the submission date, all submissions received before the deadline will be given equal consideration.
  • By May 24, 2024, decisions will be made and the selected candidates notified.

Application Procedure for Basia Zaba Memorial Scholarship

The application process has two steps. To be assessed for the funding, candidates must meet all eligibility criteria and complete both steps outlined below by the scholarship deadline of 23:59 (GMT) on Monday 15 April 2024.

Step 1

  • Apply for an MSc Demography & Health for 2024–2025 by following the guidelines found on the relevant program of study page’s “How to Apply” link.

Step 2

  • You should indicate the scholarships you are applying for in the “FUNDING DETAILS” part of the application form when submitting your study application. You won’t be considered for this grant if you don’t check the scholarship box on your application.
  • Enclosed with your application for study, please find the Scholarships Application Form completed in Step 1. Attached to this submission must be a completed Scholarship Submission Form.
  • Please note your response to the following question on the form in the “other” section: How are you going to pay for the remaining expenses associated with your MSc at LSHTM?
  • As references, transcripts, a CV, and other materials should already have been sent in with the application for study, this is the sole attachment needed for scholarships. 

The Application Deadline is: 23:59 (GMT) on Monday 15 April 2024

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