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The Goldsmiths University of London BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicity Students, UK 2023

The Goldsmiths University of London is now accepting applications for its fully-funded BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicity Students.

About Goldsmiths University of London and Scholarship

A constituent research university of the University of London in England is Goldsmiths, University of London, often known as Goldsmiths’ College. The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths created it in New Cross, London, as The Goldsmiths’ Technical and Recreational Institute in 1891. After being purchased by the University of London in 1904, it was renamed Goldsmiths’ College and has areas of expertise in the humanities, social sciences, design, and computers. The Richard Hoggart Building, the campus’s centerpiece, was first erected in 1792 on the site of the previous Royal Naval School.

At the academic-professional level, Black, Asian, and minority ethnic music academics are drastically underrepresented. In all British academics, the same holds. A student who wants to advance through postgraduate studies and into an academic position will be supported by this full-tuition fee waiver award. The winning applicant will gain from the Department’s welcoming, progressive, and encouraging atmosphere, just like all of the institution’s students. They will also get assistance from the Goldsmiths Careers Service, and they will be given a lot of assistance in creating and finishing an application for a fully funded Ph.D.


Details about BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver at Goldsmiths University of London:

Scholarship Sponsor: Goldsmiths Careers Service/Goldsmiths University of London

Scholarship Value: Full fee-waiver

Number of awards: 1, for full-time study only

Study level: Postgraduate, PhD

Host Institution(s): Goldsmiths University of London

Eligibility Criteria for Goldsmiths University of London BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver

Home applicants who identify as Black, Asian, or members of a minority ethnicity are eligible for the fee waiver.

Interview Date, and Process for Goldsmiths University of London BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver

The deadline for portfolio submission is July 10, 2023, at 9 am, to Tom Perchard at t.perchard( A position in one of the school’s Music Masters programs must first be applied for and given to prospective applicants.

No late scholarship applications will be accepted, therefore please be aware that processing program applications and offering spots might take several weeks. Candidates must state their intent to be considered for the scholarship at the time they apply for the program. A jury made up of academics from the Department who are Black, Asian, and minority ethnicity will assess the applications and decide who will get the prize.

Application Process for Goldsmiths University of London BME Music Scholar’s Fee Waiver

Candidates may apply for the scholarship after receiving a placement offer, whether conditional or unconditional.

To be considered for the scholarship, you must submit: 

  1. A 300-word statement outlining the major musical fields you want to study in depth in postgraduate work, including Masters-level work and, if appropriate, further MPhil/PhD-level study. Although it won’t be examined formally, this statement will serve as a summary of your interests and probable career path in academia.
  2. A collection of work, the substance of which varies depending on the program. Submissions for MA routes should include a collection of three to five written works. Two of these articles must be academic essays with a minimum word count of 2,000. The remaining works about music may take any other form, including journalistic, critical, contemplative, etc. Work on music for audio-visual and other media might also be taken into consideration. A sizable portfolio of their creative work should be submitted by candidates for the MMus route. Performance, songwriting, production, documentation of audio-visual and/or site-specific/installation works, and compositions/scores are a few examples that might fall under this category. Any suitable media may be used to show these examples.

The contextual reflecting commentary for the portfolio should be between 300 and 500 words long and should highlight the concepts and inventive techniques that underpin the creative work. Contact Professor Tom Perchard at t.perchard( with your applications and portfolios.

The Application Deadline is: July 10, 2023

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