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University of Adelaide COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia, Australia for 2023/2024

Application is now open for the COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia at the University of Adelaide. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in.

About the University of Adelaide and Scholarship

The University of Adelaide, founded on November 6, 1874, owes its establishment to the generous ¬£20,000 donation from Walter Watson Hughes, a grazier and copper miner, as well as the support and contributions of individuals like Thomas Elder. Its early leadership saw Sir Richard Hanson serve as the first chancellor, with Augustus Short as the inaugural vice-chancellor. The university’s academic journey began in March 1876, offering its first degree, the Bachelor of Arts. Notably, John Davidson assumed the role of the first Hughes professor of English literature and mental and moral philosophy.

Moreover, the University of Adelaide has a proud history of advocating for gender equality in higher education. It made history by becoming the second university in the English-speaking world, following the University of London in 1878, to admit women on equal terms with men in 1881. Notably, women studied alongside men right from the commencement of classes in 1876, and they had equal eligibility for all academic prizes and honors. Edith Emily Dornwell, the first female graduate, achieved the remarkable feat of receiving the Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in 1885.


The university also graduated Australia’s first female surgeon, Laura Fowler, who earned her MB degree in 1891. Another trailblazer was Ruby Davy, who accomplished the distinction of being the first Australian woman to obtain a doctorate in music, receiving a B.Mus. in 1907 and a D.Mus. in 1918. Furthermore, the University of Adelaide marked another milestone by electing the first woman to a university council in Australia, Helen Mayo, who held an MBBS degree from the university, in 1914.

In a broader global context, the Fundaci√≥n para el Futuro de Colombia (COLFUTURO) plays a significant role in supporting Colombian professionals who have exhibited remarkable academic excellence. COLFUTURO’s mission revolves around enabling these individuals to enhance their career development. This is achieved through the pursuit of a Master’s by coursework and research or Doctoral research higher degree studies at the world’s top 100 universities.

The overarching goal is to bolster Colombia’s human capital for the future. The Scholarship Loan Program, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, along with the backing of private industry and non-governmental organizations, aims to promote and facilitate study-abroad opportunities for these professionals. By acquiring essential skills and knowledge abroad, these individuals are better prepared to return to Colombia and make substantial contributions to the nation’s academic and public sector priority areas.

Details about the COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia at the University of Adelaide:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Adelaide, Australia

Scholarship Value: $50,000 

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Postgraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Adelaide, Australia


The scholarship-loan model of financial assistance is what COLFUTURO provides. COLFUTURO provides up to US$50,000 for postgraduate coursework candidates and up to US$50,000 for HDR candidates (based on the research field and research rating of the selected institution). All candidates may apply for the entire amount, even if the program lasts just a year. Scholarships for 80% of the loaned amount are available to candidates as long as they complete their postgraduate degree, return to Colombia, and stay there for a maximum of five years. Recipients of COLFUTURO awards have up to two years to go overseas for work experience following graduation.

Eligibility Criteria for COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia

Applicants are advised to meet the following prerequisites to be qualified for the COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia at the University of Adelaide:

  • Have a formal connection to a sector of the economy that supports the COLFUTURO loan program.
  • Have shown to be very bright during your postsecondary education in Colombia.
  • Provide proof that you applied to the program from The University of Adelaide (offer letters are not necessary to apply before February 28th).

Application Process for COLFUTURO Scholarship in Colombia

Every year, COLFUTURO selects participants for the Loan-Scholarship Program. More details about the application process are available on the COLFUTURO’s website. The online COLFUTURO portal will show how successful winners must manage their scholarship loans while studying overseas. You are required to indicate the degrees you are interested in pursuing as part of the COLFUTURO application. After that, you will have to apply directly to the University of Adelaide for the degree you want. You can also visit the official website for further details.

The Application Deadline is: Not Specified

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