Top Colleges in Chicago

We have made some research on some colleges in Chicago. The city is commonly referred to as the windy city and is among the most popular US states. Chicago is known for its sparkling nightlife, high-tech institutions, thriving economy, and large population.

Chicago is one state in the USA with some colleges and universities in the United States of America. Besides the world-class facilities in Canada, they also engage students in lots of socio-cultural activities and post-study opportunities the state of Chicago presents.

Keep reading this article to find out more about the top colleges in Chicago.

  • DePaul University was established by the missionaries and was named after a catholic saint, Saint. Vincent Depaul. It is also one of the top colleges in Chicago. The university has one of the oldest theatres in the Midwest in addition to the high rating programs and majors in Chicago.
  • Northwestern University was founded in 1851 and the university remains one of the top colleges in Chicago owing to its sound academic track record and excellence. The school also has a high employability rating which makes it easier for students to get good-paying jobs after graduation. However, the school’s communication institute is one of the best communication institutes in Chicago.

The university has a total of 26 departments with 46 majors across different disciplines and programs. They also rate the law program 11th best in the United States while maintaining an excellent place among the top 10 universities in the United States.

  • University of Chicago was founded in 1890 and it has moved from a mediocre institute to a highly respected university in Chicago. It is also one of the top colleges in Chicago. The school also has a fast learning culture and can house 100 majors and minors. The university has a large academic community of diverse talents and crafts with the former President of the United States who taught at the university for 12 years.

The university was rated 18th best in the world by Forbes in 2018 and has continued to break ground as well as set the pace in different research fields.

With more than 400 recognized student organizations, the school also gives social support to students besides academic activities.

  • Illinois Institute of Technology was established in 1940 as a research-based institute and is also one of the top colleges in Chicago. With deep basic studies in technology, the university has went ahead to maintain a sound rating as a global player in research and tech studies. The school boasts highly improved learning facilities while adopting the most practical approach that delivers the best learning experience to students.

The university also record 93% placements after graduation for students making it one of the best institutes of technology in the United States.

  • University of Illinois, Chicago is one of the top colleges in Canada. The school currently has 29,000 students enrolled in different programs which is predicted to rise in the future as they keep maintaining sound academic records. The university is also among the top public research institutions in Chicago. However, there are more than 16 colleges and schools at the University of Chicago. The university offers students the opportunity of getting occupied in research programs provided by the different research institutes in the University. Well it might interest you to know that the school also offers financial help to students through different channels.
  • Loyola University Chicago is one of top colleges in Chicago and is currently rated among the best value Universities by US News and World Report. The school also has important values that border on Christian teachings.

However, several students take part in different religious and humanitarian cuts across ethics and service to humanity. The university has a campus in Rome with another study abroad opportunities to interested international students globally. The school also make provision for scholarships to deserving and eligible students to study in the university. With more than 140 graduate and professional certificates, the school is presently one of the top choices of students in the US.

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