Top Colleges in Texas

Texas is home to different large research universities and small liberal arts school. Lot of top colleges in Texas can be found in the major cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, San Antonio, among others.

It is not easy to decide which college is the best and which one suits your need. But we have analyzed over 100 top colleges in Texas and have come up with the conclusion as to the ones that meet the requirement you might be looking for.

Difference between a Public and Private College

Private and public colleges and universities have their diverse modes of business operations. This is because they are run by different kinds of entities. The private college is run with private funding while the public is owned by the state and also receives funding from both state and federal government.


The minimum annual cost of attending a four-year public college is a bit more than $20 000, while that of a private college is almost $43 000 per annum. This cost usually include tuition, room, and board for full-time students.

List of some Top Colleges in Texas

  • University of Texas, Austin was founded in 1883 and is a public research university in Austin, Texas. The university is one of the top colleges in Texas. It has about 75 000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 24 000 faculties. It is currently the flagship campus of the University of Texas System.

The university’s overall system has more than 300 000 students and has close to one-third of it. However, in all the acceptance rate at the University of Texas, Austin is 32%, out of almost 57 241 applications in 2021. Its graduation rate is 88% and the cost of attending the school for in-state students is $11 448 per year. The minimum income of the graduates of the college is $73 900 per year, with a 92% chance of getting employed after 10 years. The top courses offered at the university include Mathematics, Literature, Law, Physics, Biology, Education, Economics, Chemistry, Political Science, Religious Studies and so on.

  • William Marsh Rice University is based in the urban settings of Houston, Texas, and is a non-profit privately owned research university. The university is one of the top colleges in Texas and is a medium-sized coeducational US higher education institute. It also has an admission rate of 9%, making it a most selective institution. William Marsh Rice University also has options for international candidates while providing both academic and non-academic facilities and services to students.

The minimum tuition per year is $69 557 but if you are lucky with financial help, you can pay as low as $17 000. The university offers courses and programs in all categories which include pre-bachelor’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The university’s major programs include Psychology, Political Science and Government, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemistry.

  • University of Texas, Dallas is a public research university that is based in Richardson, Texas. The university is one of the top colleges in Texas and is famous for its large size. The university is one of the top colleges in Texas and the largest among the University of Texas System. The acceptance rate at the university is 79% and the graduation rate is 69% which is way more than average. Equally, the in-state tuition is $13 992 and graduates from the university can earn, on average, $61 400 per year. The university’s top programs are Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Criminal Justice, Literature, Communications, Earth Science, and so more.
  • Baylor University which is formally associated with Baptist Church is based in Waco, Texas. The university offers courses and programs in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The graduation rate is 78% and the graduates of the college earn a minimum salary of $42 600 per year. The minimum tuition is $38 372 per year, with 95% of students receiving average financial aids of $24 559 per year.
  • Southern Methodist University is a non-profit private university based in the suburban area of Dallas and one of the top colleges in Texas. The university offers courses and programs that lead to officially higher education degrees like associate degrees, undergraduates, and postgraduate degrees. The minimum tuition at the university is $40,404 per year.

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