Top Community Colleges in Canada

If you have decided already that you want to study at one of the community colleges in Canada which is cool, choosing what to study and where to study can be demoralizing. So do you want to go about it? Note that community colleges in Canada don’t really offer like universities as some provincial legislation can grant degrees using joint programs with universities. They can also do that with the approval of the provincial Minister of Education.

Amazingly, these great Canadian Community Colleges are affordable even with the high-quality education they provide. But before we start exploring these top community colleges in Canada, I will like to tell you a little about Canada and why you should consider taking up any of the community college in Canada.

The Meaning of Community Colleges

This is a type of educational institution. Community Colleges can means different things to different countries as most of them have an open enrollment for students who have graduated from high school. It is also known as a senior secondary school.


Community colleges are different from state Universities because it offers two years of classes while State Colleges offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. It offers courses you can use for general education requirements then transfer to a four-year university to finish your bachelor’s degree.

Difference between College and Community Colleges

Community colleges and colleges might look similar, but they are entirely different from each other and exist as two different institutions. They might also use the same training patterns, but they are still different entities.

A community college is a higher educational institution that serves the nearby community. You get to learn traditional academic classes such as Mathematics, English, and History. While a college is an educational institution that takes a student on a four year program. You can take the program in any subject of their choice as there is a broad list of approved programs.

The Cost of Attending a Community College

Community colleges offer young people the chance to learn traditional subjects that can help them get into available job positions. However, in different countries, community colleges have different tuition costs for their students. Note that the fees are low compared to colleges which made it easier for people to enroll in the program.

According to Education data, the minimum cost of community college attendance is $7,460 total or $1,865 per semester. Tuition alone for in-district community college attendance averages $3,400, for out-of-state students, the average community college tuition is $8,210, the average total annual cost to attend any 2-year institution is $10,300, Private 2-year institutions charge an average of $15,100; in-state tuition at a public 4-year institution averages $9,308 and the annual tuition at a private 2-year institution can be as high as $25,000.

Top Community Colleges in Canada

Here is a list of some of the top Community Colleges in Canada:

  • Centennial College is a community college in Toronto which was founded as Toronto’s first public college in 1966. It is rated 41 in Canada and 4471 in the world.
  • Fanshawe College is situated in the heart of Southwestern Ontario and it offers over 110 post-secondary degrees, diplomas, certificates, and postgraduate programs. It is the sixth-largest college in Canada offering the most cooperative education programs.
  • George Brown College is one of the Toronto Community Colleges and among the best Community colleges in Canada. It has three main campuses, all based in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.
  • Vanier College is one of the Community colleges in Montreal, Quebec and is one of Canada’s lowest education institutions. The college offers two types of programs which are pre-university and technical.
  • Selkirk College is a fully approved public post-secondary institution offering access to a broad variety of university courses and career programs. Its main campuses are based in the friendly and welcoming communities of Castlegar and Nelson, British Columbia.
  • Seneca College is a community college of arts and technology used in Toronto, Ontario. It is a member of Polytechnics Canada and was founded in 1967.
  • Southern Alberta Technology Center is one of the community colleges in Canada for international students that offers more than 100 courses committed to technology, crafts and business.

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