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The University of Queensland Downing Brothers Bursary, Australia 2023

The University of Queensland is accepting applications for its partially funded Downing Brothers Bursary.

About the University of Queensland and Scholarship

On December 10, 1909, the State Parliament passed an act creating the University of Queensland to mark the 50th anniversary of Queensland’s separation from the colony of New South Wales. The Act authorized a senate of 20 persons to oversee the university, and Sir William MacGregor, the new Governor, was chosen to serve as the first chancellor and RH Roe as the vice-chancellor. Following the governor’s relocation to the Fernberg home of Bardon, Old Government House… [formerly Government House] on George Street was set aside for the university, igniting the initial discussions over the ideal location for the institution.

The first teaching faculties were established in 1910. Engineering, the classics, mathematics, and chemistry were among them. The Senate selected the first four professors in December of the same year: BD Steele in chemistry, JL Michie in classics, H. Priestley in mathematics, and A Gibson in engineering. The first students enrolled in 1911.


World War I slowed the university’s expansion, but following the war, as demand for higher education in Australia grew, university enrollments for research and education soared. As a result, the expanding institution had to search for a larger campus in the early 1920s because its initial location in Brisbane’s George Street had little room for growth.

James O’Neil Mayne and his sister Mary gave the Brisbane City Council a contribution of around £50,000 in 1927 to help them buy 274 acres (111 ha) of property in St. Lucia and give it to the University of Queensland as a permanent home. Thomas Parnell began the pitch drop experiment that same year. It has been labeled the oldest experiment in history and is still operating today. Funding issues caused a delay in the St. Lucia campus’ development. The first structure for the institution at St. Lucia didn’t begin construction until 1938 as a result. It was completed in 1939 and given the name Forgan Smith Building upon its premiere on the day. 

In the early stages of World War II, the Allied Land Forces’ forward command in the South West Pacific was based out of the Forgan Smith Building, a military installation. At the St. Lucia campus’ main lake is the Victor and Evelyn Lewis Fountain. This is a 2012 replica that took the place of the Kelvin Crump-designed 1960s fiberglass original.

William Downing, who passed away on November 25, 1958, left a $3,000 legacy to create the Downing Brothers Bursary. 

Details about Downing Brothers Bursary at the University of Queensland:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarship Value: At least $500

Number of awards: 1

Study level: Undergraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Queensland, Australia

Enrolment Status: Current UQ student

Eligibility Criteria for Downing Brothers Bursary

Candidates are advised to meet the following prerequisites to be eligible for Downing Brothers Bursary at the University of Queensland:

  • are third-year students enrolling full-time in the Bachelor of Agricultural Science program.

Selection Criteria

The school will consider:

  • Academic progress to date in the program and further proof that the Associate Dean (Academic) believes will support your success in agriculture, agronomy, or similar fields in the future.

Application Procedure for Downing Brothers Bursary

Interested candidates should fill out the scholarship application here and attach the following:

  • Studies report or academic transcript
  • Personal statement.

You may always save your application and return to it later. Before submitting your application, please attach all supporting documentation. On the application deadline, submit your online application by 11:59 PM AEST. 

Use these tips for putting together a great application to help you through this procedure.

Note: The admission office will send you an email to confirm they have obtained your application.


Downing Brothers Bursary Rules (PDF, 120.93 KB)

The Submission Deadline is: 22 September 2023

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