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Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship at Birkbeck University of London, UK 2023/2024

Application is now open for the Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship at the Birkbeck University of London. Interested applicants are encouraged to send in their applications.

About Birkbeck University of London and Scholarship

Birkbeck College, originally established in 1823 as the London Mechanics’ Institute, has a rich and storied history that has evolved over the years. The institution underwent several significant changes and milestones in the course of its existence.

In 1907, the institution’s name was simplified to “Birkbeck College,” reflecting its growing role and stature in higher education. In 1913, following a review of the University of London’s structure, Birkbeck was recommended to become a constituent college. However, due to the outbreak of World War I, this transition was delayed until 1920 when the Royal Charter was ultimately granted. These changes formalized Birkbeck’s position as a respected institution within the University of London.


Birkbeck’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation is exemplified by its distinguished faculty members. In the inter-war years, the college welcomed notable professors like Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan, its first female professor, who made significant contributions to the field of botany. Other prominent faculty members during this era included luminaries such as Nikolaus Pevsner, J. D. Bernal, and Cyril Joad.

During World War II, Birkbeck made the remarkable decision not to relocate, making it the only central college of the University of London to remain in the capital during the war. Despite the challenges of wartime, the college demonstrated its resilience by organizing extramural lectures open to the public, featuring renowned figures like Cyril Joad, Nikolaus Pevsner, and Harold Nicolson.

In 2002, the institution underwent a rebranding, adopting the name “Birkbeck, University of London” while retaining its full legal name as “Birkbeck College, University of London.” This change marked a significant moment in the institution’s history, reflecting its commitment to excellence and evolution.

Birkbeck has consistently earned recognition for its academic achievements and contributions. In 2021, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed Birkbeck at 95th in the world for Psychology. The university has maintained a strong global presence, consistently ranking within the top 100 institutions worldwide for subjects like English Language & Literature and Philosophy, according to the QS World University Rankings. Additionally, Birkbeck’s international standing has been reinforced by its inclusion among the top 350 universities globally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 and QS World University Rankings 2020.

One of Birkbeck’s noteworthy initiatives to promote diversity in the finance sector is the Goldman Sachs and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship. This program offers ten scholarships annually, each valued at £5,000, to support Black undergraduate students pursuing their education. These scholarships are a testament to Birkbeck’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the financial industry.

The establishment of these scholarships is made possible through the generous support of Goldman Sachs Gives. Students who secure these scholarships will have access to additional engagement opportunities, including events, academic and professional development programs, mentoring with experienced professionals, and networking. These opportunities aim to enrich their educational experience and enhance their prospects. It reflects the commitment of Goldman Sachs Gives and the institution to nurturing the potential of talented students and preparing them for success in their future endeavors.

Details about Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship at Birkbeck University of London:

Scholarship Sponsor: Birkbeck University of London, UK

Scholarship Value: £5,000

Number of awards: 10

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): Birkbeck University of London, UK


The cash bursaries have been established to provide valuable financial support to new undergraduate students with Home fee status. Each successful candidate will receive a cash bursary of £5,000 each year for one of the specified three-year undergraduate programs mentioned above. This support aims to help alleviate the financial burden associated with living costs, making education more accessible and affordable for deserving students.

Eligibility Criteria for Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship

Candidates are advised to meet the following prerequisites to be eligible for the Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship at Birkbeck University of London:

  1. New undergraduate full-time students who are enrolling in the first year of one of the programs listed above for the first time in the 2023-24 academic year.
  2. Undergraduate students who have completed a Foundation Year at Birkbeck will be enrolling in the first year of one of the specified programs for the first time in the 2023-24 academic year.

Applicants must also meet the following standards:

  1. Qualify for Home fee status.
  2. Must not already hold a degree or an equivalent level qualification.
  3. Must be from a Black background.

Qualified groups include the following:

  • Mixed – White/Black Caribbean
  • Mixed – White/Black African
  • Black – African
  • Black – Caribbean
  • Black – Other
  • Other mixed background (to include Black African, Black Caribbean or Black Other)

Application Procedure for Goldman Sach and Birkbeck Diversity Scholarship

To apply for the cash bursaries, you should complete the online application form after applying for a place on your chosen course via UCAS. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so it’s advisable to submit your application promptly.

The Application Deadline is: Not Specified

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