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IMB Global Challenges Scholarship at the University of Queensland, Australia for 2023

Application is now open for the IMB Global Challenges Scholarship at the University of Queensland. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About the University of Queensland and Scholarship

In Queensland, plans for a university first surfaced in the 1870s. A royal commission led by Sir Charles Lilley in 1874 suggested that a university be founded right away. Those opposed to universities believed that in an economy dominated by primary industries, technical education was more significant than intellectual education. In response to this resistance, those who supported the institution distanced themselves from Oxford and Cambridge and suggested a different paradigm that was based on the mid-western states of the United States. In 1891, a second Royal Commission advised that a new university has five faculties: arts, law, medicine, science, and applied science.

Budgets for education in Queensland were traditionally low priority, and in a colony with a literacy rate of 57% in 1861, basic education took precedence over secondary and vocational education. Despite the recommendations of the Royal Commission, the government was not willing to provide funding for the formation of a university.


A group of private persons started the Queensland University Extension Movement in 1893 to gain support from the larger community for a university in Queensland. They organized public lecture courses in adult education. The extension sessions had 245 pupils registered in 1894, and the lectures were thought to be practical and helpful. 

The UQ Graduate School Scholarship is supplemented by the Global Challenges Ph.D. Scholarship. This package offers excellent domestic applicants a total of a $2,000 Student Development grant (over the term of the candidacy), a four-year living stipend of $37,500 per year, $5,000 help for a placement, and other benefits.

Each student will have the chance to delve deeply into a specialized topic and research field in one laboratory and within the scholarship’s all-encompassing approach with the Ph.D. projects on offer. Each project will offer the thorough research training a Ph.D. graduate receives as well as the chance to add something special to the body of knowledge. Together, the group will build an intellectual hub to solve these global concerns by carrying out these projects as part of a cohort of other students who are also attempting to comprehensively address the highlighted topics.

The IMB Global Challenges Scholarship also offers support for conducting a placement locally, nationally, or worldwide with a connected partner, as well as specialized training in each area and cutting-edge research approaches. Together, these will build four support pillars for the research project and produce graduates who are prepared for the workforce and have connections to the local, national, and worldwide research, entrepreneurial, and industrial communities.

There are four themes to pick from, and they are as follows:

Drug Discovery

Chronic Disease

Superbug Solutions

Genes and Genomes

Learn more at the IMB website.

Details about the IMB Global Challenges Scholarship at the University of Queensland:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarship Value: $5,000 per annum (top-up) + $5,000 Placement and $2,000 Professional Development support throughout the candidature

Number of awards: Varies

Study level: Postgraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Queensland, Australia

IMB Global Challenges Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria

If applicants satisfy the entry requirements for a higher degree by research, they are qualified.

Application Process for IMB Global Challenges Scholarship

When you apply to your program, you also apply for this scholarship. No additional scholarship application is required from you. Pick one of the four topics mentioned above. Make sure to choose the following while completing your application “Scholarships and collaborative study” section:

  • ‘My higher degree is not collaborative’
  • ‘I am applying for, or have been awarded a scholarship or sponsorship’
  • ‘Other’, then ‘Research Project Scholarship’, and in the ‘Name of scholarship’ field enter IMB GLOBAL CHALLENGES.

Further details are available on the IMB website.


UQ Research Scholarships terms and conditionsIMB Global Challenges Scholarship conditions

The Application Deadline is: 24 September 2023

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