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Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program for International Students in Germany for 2023/2024

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program for International Students is designed for foreign undergraduates and graduates who plan to pursue postgraduate or master’s degrees, doctoral studies, or a research stay of at least four semesters at a German university.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program – Benefits

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program offers financial support, one-on-one counseling, a robust seminar schedule, and access to the global KAS network. We stay in touch with our alumni and include them in our local, national, and international activities after their studies are completed. 

  • Financial assistance

For various sorts of studies, there are differences in the length and level of funding. Graduates (master’s or postgraduate students) are given an award of €861 each month. The typical funding cycle lasts for two years. Ph.D. candidates who have been granted unconditional admission to doctorate study at a German university are awarded a €1.200 per month subsidy. Ph.D. academics typically receive funding for three years. We also provide funding for research stays in Germany lasting at least three semesters.


We provide our scholars with several subsidies in addition to the monthly stipend. We provide financial assistance for health insurance up to a monthly maximum of €120 upon request. If you and your spouse live together in one location in Germany for at least three months and if his or her income does not exceed € 450 per month, we additionally give a family allowance of € 276. For kids residing with you in Germany, we also provide a children’s stipend of € 194 per month. The formal submission of a German translation of the child’s birth certificate as well as the official denial of your request for a public child allowance are prerequisites.

Ph.D. scholars can also seek financial support for travel for research purposes. We do not, however, provide funding for congress or symposium attendance. You may be eligible for a refund of up to €1.500 per semester for tuition from German university courses that are directly relevant to your academic program. But because of enrollment or annual re-registration, we are unable to reimburse regular semester fees.

  • Network and Seminars

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung offers much more than just financial support to its scholars. A comprehensive program of ideational support is offered to our scholars. They join a dynamic and ongoing network. The program’s three pillars are as follows:

1. Our employees’ and representatives’ mentoring at the universities

Our employees and agents at the universities personally supervise and consult with our scholars. Your involvement in the seminar program, your academic progress, and the activities of your university group are all closely watched. The continuing growth of your social commitment is extremely important to our foundation. The main goal is to assist you in recognizing and developing your unique skills.

2. A manifold seminar program

Expanding our scholars’ general education is the goal of the seminars, which are only offered to our scholars. The seminars offer chances for interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge sharing with other academics and recognized authorities. Historical, political, economic, and social themes with a focus on the United States, Europe, and the world are among the topics covered. Additionally, training and coaching seminars support the development of our scholars’ soft skills and ease the transition from academic to professional life.

3. Being part of a local university group

Our academics and the so-called “Vertrauensdozenten,” who represent our foundation at the universities, autonomously oversee the local university groups, or “Hochschulgruppen.” They design a schedule of varied activities for themselves each semester. These neighborhood organizations also aid you in settling in and becoming accustomed to your new environment.

  • Our network of former scholars

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is particularly interested in fostering networking among its present and former academics. More than 14.000 alumni make up a lively and international network of former KAS academics who continue to support our foundation and its current researchers while also taking active positions in politics, economics, science, and society around the world. Our former scholars are given excellent chances and can stay linked to our foundation thanks to more than 50 regional alumni clubs throughout the world and several specialized sub-networks. This alumni network also offers useful help in the form of financial support for a Social Fund that assists both current and former scholars in times of need. Additionally, the network supports social and scientific initiatives.

Documents for Scholarship Application

  • If you are applying for an MA Scholarship, please download, complete, and attach the relevant documents.
  • A meaningful, tabular resume that includes information about your prior volunteer work or civic involvement.
  • Letter of motivation.
  • If the originals are not in English, copies of your examination certificates are in German translation.
  • Copies of your academic performance records if you have previously attended a German university.
  • German language proficiency evidence (B-2).
  • A casual letter of recommendation for academic work: This letter, which shouldn’t be older than two months, should detail your academic accomplishments and potential. The author must be a doctorally-trained university professor or teacher.
  • A non-binding letter of support addressing the applicant’s personality This letter should highlight your personality and interests as well as your sense of morals and your devotion to the community.
  • The author cannot be the same person who wrote the academic recommendation letter.
  • A transcript from your German university attesting to your enrollment or graduation.

Please attach the following documents if you are applying for a Ph.D. scholarship:

  • An explanation of your doctoral thesis in detail: This exposé should summarize the main research issue of your proposed project, its scientific relevance, your theoretical approach, and the reasons behind your choice of the study subject. It should be written in German or English and should be 5–10 pages long with 1.5 line spacing and a font size of 12. A work schedule, a timetable of events, and a bibliography should also be included.
  • A second letter of recommendation from a professor: If you already have a Ph.D. thesis supervisor, they should be the ones to write this second letter. It takes the place of the applicant’s personality recommendation letter.
  • A letter attesting to your parent’s or parent’s doctor’s supervision

The Guidelines

  • Possess a university degree, as we do not fund bachelor’s degrees,
  • Demonstrate superior academic performance,
  • Possess solid German language skills (B2-level),
  • Actively participate in volunteer service,
  • Plan to enroll in a German university for a minimum of four semesters,
  • Possess a thorough understanding of all subjects and a strong interest in politics,
  • An optimistic outlook on democracy and human rights,
  • Be willing to explore their points of view and demonstrate tolerance,
  • Be extremely driven and able to persuade us of their life’s objectives.

Additional Specifications

  • Students studying medicine or pharmacy may only apply after passing their intermediate test in Germany or after reaching a similar point in their studies.
  • Training programs for dental or human medicine specialists or postgraduate research stays in Germany are not supported.
  • Scholarships are not available to people who have already earned their doctorate.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program – Application Process

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship Program has two application methods:

  • New target countries or regions are chosen each year for our selection processes. We will conduct interviews online in 2023 with an emphasis on Latin America, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Turkey (all managed through our headquarters in Peru). If you reside in one of these nations, you can send your written application to the relevant KAS office directly; please check their websites for the precise process and addressee. No students residing in unlisted nations may apply for the 2023 international selection process.
  • You are welcome to apply for a scholarship through the domestic selection program utilizing our online process if you are already residing in or attending school in Germany. Please submit the online application form together with any required supporting materials.
  • Please don’t mail any documents because they won’t be accepted. Every year on July 15th at 12 noon, the domestic procedural application period closes.

Official Website: CLICK HERE.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the scholarship application is 15 July 2023.

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