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University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship, Australia 2023

Application is now open for the TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship at the University of Queensland. Interested applicants are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About the University of Queensland and Scholarship

A public research university with its main campus in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia, the University of Queensland (UQ, or Queensland University) was founded in 1902. One of the six sandstone universities, which is an informal term for the oldest university in each state, UQ was founded in 1909 by the Queensland government. UQ is also a founding member of edX, the top Group of Eight in Australia, and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, a global organization with a focus on high-quality research.

The 1870s saw the beginning of plans for a university in Queensland. The urgent creation of a university was advised by a royal commission in 1874, which Sir Charles Lilley presided over. In an economy dominated by primary industries, those opposed to a university said that technical rather than academic education was more crucial.


In response to this resistance, proponents of the institution distanced themselves from Oxford and Cambridge and instead suggested a model based on the mid-western states of the United States. A new university should have five faculties: Arts, Law, Medicine, Science, and Applied Science, according to a second Royal Commission’s recommendation from 1891. Budgets for education were typically low on Queensland’s priority list, and in a colony with a literacy rate of 57% in 1861, basic education was prioritized well ahead of secondary and technical education. The government was hesitant to provide funding for the construction of a university, notwithstanding the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

Established in 2016, the Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) scholarship is supported by contributions from outside sources. Additionally, the scholarship offers a committed academic mentor and a first-year non-residential membership at a UQ college. Non-residential membership benefits include access to campus activities, meals, recreational facilities, internal courses, and a supportive network of peers as you move from high school to college. 

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Details about TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship at the University of Queensland:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Queensland, Australia

Scholarship Value: $8,000 per year

Number of awards: Varies

Study level: Undergraduate

Host Institution(s): University of Queensland, Australia

Enrolment Status: Future UQ student

Eligibility Criteria for TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship

Applicants are advised to meet the following conditions to be eligible for the TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship at the University of Queensland:

  • are a domestic student
  • your senior schooling in Australia was completed within two years of your application, or you will be finishing it in the year of your application, and you intend to enroll in and be admitted to the Bachelor of Laws (Honours) program in 2024 (including dual programs), or you have already accepted an offer to start as a student in 2024.
  • having not previously completed any tertiary studies at the bachelor level or higher.
  • can demonstrate a lack of resources in the areas of education, society, or finances and are willing to engage in a formal interview with UQ on a date designated by the institution.

Selection Criteria

  • Educational, social, or economic disadvantage leadership, cultural, athletic, or community service accomplishments in Years 11 and 12.

Candidates who finished their secondary education at a government school may be given preference.

Application Procedure for TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence and Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship

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Use these tips for putting together a great application to help you through this process.


TC Beirne School of Law Leadership, Excellence & Diversity (LEAD) Scholarship Rules (PDF, 143.74 KB)

What Next?

The Law School has the final say in who receives the scholarship. They might be able to suggest a few alternative scholarships to you. A face-to-face or online interview may be needed of you. 

The Application Deadline is: 5 November 2023

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