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The University of British Columbia Linda Michaluk Scholarship (LMS) for International Students in Canada for 2023/2024

The Linda Michaluk Scholarship (LMS) has been established for the academic year 2023–2024 by the College of Applied Biologists at the University of British Columbia.

This fellowship intends to honor Linda Michaluk’s significant contributions to the College of Applied Biologists and foster the promotion of science-based choices that are in the best interests of the general public addressing Canada’s natural resources.

About the University of British Columbia

Why ought you to enroll in classes at the University of British Columbia? It is a distinguished university renowned for its commitment to sustainability, academic quality, and research contributions. It offers a wide variety of curricula and offers students a lively learning atmosphere.


A public research institution in British Columbia, the Institution of British Columbia (UBC) has campuses in Kelowna and close to Vancouver. The oldest university in British Columbia was founded in 1908. The university is one of Canada’s top three institutions of higher learning. UBC sponsors more than 8,000 projects annually with a research budget of $759 million.

About 10 kilometers (6 miles) west of Vancouver’s downtown, the University Endowment Lands border the Vancouver campus. The biggest cyclotron in the whole world is housed at TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle and nuclear physics facility, which is located at UBC. UBC and the Max Planck Society jointly founded the first Max Planck Institute in North America, specializing in quantum materials, in addition to the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and Stuart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute.

The UBC Library system, one of Canada’s biggest research libraries, contains approximately 10 million books spread throughout its 21 locations. In several post-secondary rankings, the University of British Columbia has placed. The institution received a position of 44th overall and second in Canada in the 2022 Academic Position of World Universities. 

The University came in at number 47 overall and third in Canada in the 2023 QS World University Rankings. The University came in second in Canada and at number 40 overall in the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The institution was second in Canada and 35th overall in the 2022–23 U.S. News & World Report Best Global Institution Ranking.

In its 2023 reputation survey and category rankings for Canadian medical doctoral universities, the Canadian-based Maclean’s magazine placed the University of British Columbia third. Even though the institution, along with several other Canadian universities, chose not to participate in Maclean’s Graduate Survey since 2006, it was nonetheless rated. The university came in second in Canada (behind the University of Toronto) and eighth overall among non-American schools in Newsweek’s 2011 rankings of the world’s universities.

Benefits of the Linda Michaluk Scholarship

The Linda Michaluk Scholarship offers a $2,500 scholarship to assist the winner’s academic endeavors and research in Canada’s fields of applied biology and resource management.


  1. All nations are welcome to apply.
  2. Acceptable Courses or Subjects: Candidates pursuing studies in the five biological sciences—Botany, Microbiology, Zoology, Ecology, or Biochemistry—in fields related to aquatic or terrestrial ecosystems, or the living creatures, habitats, or processes of those ecosystems—will be given the Linda Michaluk Scholarship.
  3. Acceptable Standards: Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Completed graduate work in Canada while enrolled full-time in a Master’s or Doctor of Philosophy program at a Canadian university.

Application Process for Linda Michaluk Scholarship

  • The College LMS Form, which can be accessed from the official website, must be filled up by interested applicants.
  • Supporting Papers: The following supporting papers are required of applicants:
  1. Proof of Master’s or post-graduate (Doctor of Philosophy) program enrolment
  2. Finished LMS Form
  3. Three references from people who know the applicant’s graduate work, including at least one letter of recommendation from the principal supervisor
  • Entry Requirements: The following criteria must be met by applicants to be admitted to the Master’s or Doctor of Philosophy degree programs at their respective Canadian universities.
  • Working on a project that enhances scientifically informed judgments or decision-making regarding natural resources for the benefit of the public.
  • The following linguistic criteria must be met by applicants: English language proficiency is required for applicants, both verbally and in writing.
  • Download the LMS form, fill it out, and submit it to the College’s Regulatory Officer ( with verification of your graduate program enrollment.
  • Request that your references provide their letter of recommendation to the College immediately through email in pdf format to the Regulatory Officer at

By November 30, 2023, all applications must be submitted in their entirety (including the LMS Form, Reference Letters, and documentation of participation in a graduate program in Canada). Send an email to to reach the College’s regulatory officer. You can email the College’s Director of Practice at with any inquiries you may have about the scholarship.

Deadline for Application

01 November 2023

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