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Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship for International Students, China 2024

Application is now open for the Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship. Interested candidates are encouraged to send their applications in before the deadline date.

About Northwestern Polytechnical University and Scholarship

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU), located in Xi’an, China, is a prestigious national public institution specializing in science and engineering education. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is a notable participant in Project 985, Project 211, and the Double First Class University Plan.

NWPU is renowned for its educational and research endeavors, with a particular focus on aeronautical, astronautical, and marine engineering. As of 2012, the university boasted a significant student population, including 13,736 graduate students (comprising 3,063 full-time doctorate candidates, 7,087 master’s candidates, and 3,586 professional degree candidates), as well as 14,395 undergraduate students.


The Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) President Scholarship Program for 2024 welcomes applications from students worldwide. This scholarship opportunity in China for the year 2024 provides avenues to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. NPU’s China Scholarship for 2024 encompasses two categories: fully-funded scholarships and partially-funded scholarships.

Details about Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship:

Scholarship Sponsor: Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Scholarship Value: Check Below

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Undergraduate/Masters/PhD

Host Institution(s): Northwestern Polytechnical University, China


The “NPU President Scholarship” is structured into three distinct levels, each offering varying degrees of financial support:

  • First-level winners: These recipients enjoy a comprehensive scholarship package, which includes full exemption from tuition fees, accommodation fees, and generous living allowances.
  • Living allowances:
    • Undergraduate students: 1500 RMB per month (for 12 months)
    • Master’s students: 2000 RMB per month (for 12 months)
    • Ph.D. students: 3500 RMB per month
  • Second-level winners: Second-level awardees are granted a tuition fee exemption, alleviating them from the financial burden of tuition costs.
  • Third-level winners: Third-level scholarship recipients benefit from a 50% tuition fee exemption, which significantly reduces their academic expenses.

Eligibility Criteria for Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship

Candidates are advised to meet the following conditions to be qualified for the Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship:

  • Physical and Mental Health: Applicants should be in good physical and mental health, with no infectious diseases or physical/mental conditions that would hinder their ability to pursue a normal course of study.
  • Academic Qualifications for Different Levels:
    • Undergraduate Program: Applicants should possess a high school diploma and should be under the age of 25 before September 1st, 2024.
    • Master’s Program: Applicants seeking admission to a master’s program should hold a bachelor’s degree certificate and should be under the age of 30 before September 1st, 2024.
    • Ph.D. Program: Applicants aiming for Ph.D. program admissions should have a Master’s degree certificate and should be under the age of 35 before September 1st, 2024.
  • Academic Performance: Applicants should demonstrate strong learning ability and academic performance, with a previous academic grade level that meets the requirement of an average score of 75% and above.
  • Standardized Tests: NPU also accepts global standard tests such as SAT, ACT, A-Level, AP, IB, IGCSE, WAEC, GED, GRE, and GMAT as part of the application process.
  • Language Proficiency: Applicants are required to have Chinese or English language proficiency that meets the application and admission criteria.
  • Citizenship Status: The scholarship is open to non-Chinese citizens with valid passports. Individuals who were previously Chinese citizens but have since immigrated to other countries must hold passports or citizenship certificates of their current countries for at least 4 years, in addition to having a 2-year “proof of residence” in the last 4 years.

Candidates whose one or both parents are Chinese citizens must provide one of the following supporting documents:

  • The document demonstrating the applicant’s birth and foreign nationality;
  • The certifications of cancellation of Chinese nationality must be provided by applicants who were once citizens of China but later moved to other nations.  

Application Process for Northwestern Polytechnical University NPU President Scholarship


Postgraduate application:

The first batch: November 15, 2023 – January 15, 2024

The second batch: January 16, 2024 – February 15, 2024

The third batch: February 16, 2024 – March 15, 2024

The fourth batch: March 16, 2024 – April 15, 2024



Undergraduate application:

First batch: November 15, 2023, to February 15, 2024

Second batch: February 16, 2024, to March 15, 2024

The third batch: March 16, 2024, to April 15, 2024

Fourth batch: April 16, 2024, to May 15, 2024

It is advised that applicants apply as soon as possible to increase their chances of being awarded a scholarship. You can also visit the NPU website for further details.

The Submission Deadline is: May 15, 2024

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