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University of Essex Turing Scheme Funding, UK for 2024

The University of Essex is accepting applications for its partially funded Turing Scheme Funding.

About the University of Essex and Funding

The University of Essex, established by royal charter in 1965, stands as a prominent public research institution located in Essex, England. Distinguished as one of the original plate glass universities, the University of Essex has carved a niche for itself in fostering academic excellence and research innovation.

An exciting opportunity awaits students at the University of Essex through the Turing Scheme funding, a transformative initiative enabling students to engage in shorter-term activities with a minimum duration of 28 days. These activities encompass a wide spectrum, including summer schools, international internships, and volunteering abroad, giving students a unique chance to broaden their horizons and gain invaluable experiences. The flexibility of the Turing Scheme allows these programs to unfold anywhere in the world, providing students with diverse and enriching global exposure.


Students must note that while the university is committed to supporting these initiatives, the Turing Scheme funding is subject to limited availability. As aspiring participants embark on their journey, they are encouraged to apply for this funding, bearing in mind the eligibility criteria outlined by the university. Thoroughly reviewing these criteria ensures a seamless application process and increases the likelihood of securing this valuable financial support.

The Turing Scheme funding is structured as a general contribution to cover living expenses and travel costs, reinforcing the university’s commitment to making these opportunities accessible to a broad spectrum of students. As students plan their ventures, the university advises careful budgeting based on the destination and the duration of the chosen program. The overarching goal is to empower students to embrace life-changing experiences, and the Turing Scheme funding plays a pivotal role in facilitating these opportunities.

Details about University of Essex Turing Scheme Funding:

Scholarship Sponsor: University of Essex, UK

Scholarship Value: Partial Funding, varies

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): University of Essex, UK

Selection Criteria:

Applications for summer study abroad financing under the Turing Scheme are welcome from all students, but the following will determine priority:

  • Students who satisfy the following broadening participation requirements
  • Students at the University of Essex who have never finished a semester abroad
  • Personal Statement
  • Suppose the aforementioned factors prevent the institution from reaching a judgment. In that case, they may still examine your first-year mark and attendance history (if you are a first-year student, they may inquire about the year mark you are on track for).
  • There will be deadlines for you to apply for assistance so that the funds can be released on time. The deadlines listed below have been established, however, they may be extended if necessary (for example, if all funds are not allocated by the last date).

Widening Participation Criteria

Students from underprivileged backgrounds are eligible for additional fees connected to their living and travel expenses because the University of Essex and the Turing Scheme are committed to assisting all students in accessing overseas experiences.

The improved grant rate will provide financing and support to students from the following groups in a priority manner.

  • Students whose family income is £25,000 or less per year (as determined and confirmed by Student Finance England or another UK supplier of student financing)
  • Students who are financially supporting themselves or someone who is financially dependent on them and residing with them, like a kid or spouse, are eligible for Universal Credit or income-related benefits.
  • Care leavers and students with prior experience in care. This includes looked-after children who were adopted, anyone who uses the Care Experienced Bursary in Scotland, and anyone who has ever been in care or is presently in care, regardless of how brief their stay may have been.
  • Students who are responsible for others. Anyone who has committed to giving unpaid care to a friend or family member who would struggle to survive without it is considered a caregiver.
  • Students who are irreversibly cut off from their parent(s) are referred to as estranged students. The student must not have spoken or written to either parent for 12 months or longer to be deemed irreconcilably estranged, and this is unlikely to alter.
  • Asylum seekers and refugees

If you fall under any of the aforementioned groups 2 through 6, formally certified documentation of your situation will be required.

Additional funding for students who meet the widening participation criteria:

These additional benefits could be given to students in this group:

  • Depending on the distance between the house and the destination, travel subsidies of up to £1360 are available.
  • Visa, passport, and health insurance charges are among the additional travel expenses that might be claimed.

To be compensated, students must present receipts for the aforementioned expenses.

*Please visit the Turing scheme website for information on the nations in each group.

Application Procedure for University of Essex Turing Scheme Funding

Are you interested and qualified? Applications can be made via the portal link. Every completed application will be taken into consideration at each deadline. Before submitting your application, please make sure that your program and its dates are confirmed.

If you have any inquiries during your application, then please email

The Submission Deadline:

  • 19 January 2024
  • 16 February 2024
  • 22 March 2024

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