Effectively Study from Home during the COVID-19 Outbreak

With the pandemic situation going on in the world at the moment, there is now the need to find efficient ways to work or study from home.

Online courses are usually more convenient and much cheaper than conventional on-campus options. However, focusing can be tough when you are in your own space; maybe with a lovely pet that requires attention, or maybe you just need to do the dishes or do your laundry. Therefore, we have provided some key tips on how to keep focused while you study from home:

Create a study from home schedule

Allocate a time to sign into your online classes every day. Set an alarm, a reminder, or whatever works for you. Proper time management is crucial. 


You may have some consistent lecture times you have to attend, but you should also set aside time for personal review. This is particularly necessary if you have to review some of the course materials on your own.

Use calendars, sticky notes and reminders

Online learning requires structure. Create a study from home calendar that will assist you remember all the crucial exam dates or deadlines for handing in your assignments. You can store your calendar on your PC or your mobile device. You can even make a wall planner if you are more of a visual type of person, which you can chalk up and check each time you study.

Take advantage of productivity apps – Study from Home

We are in the digital age. Whatever you have to do, there is most likely an app that can either do it or make it a lot easier for you. These remarkable productivity extensions and applications make learning or working less of a stress. They assist in tracking your progress, setting reminders, organising tasks, or making other apps function the way you want.

There are lots of productivity apps available. Listed below are only a few of them:

Avoid distractions – Study from Home

If you wish to work or study from home proficiently, it is crucial that you keep away any object that can divert your attention. For instance, try to leave your mobile phone in another room (we do not advise that you put it on silent though, you do not want to miss any calls) or leave it behind your laptop or monitor so you will not be tempted to stray into social media.

Discover a routine that works for you

While you are still taking in your morning coffee, try to arrange the major tasks of the day. Use your preferred time management app or sticky notes to plan when you are going to study, when you will go on breaks, and how you will remunerate yourself for each finished task.

Ensure your daily routine is not completely different from a normal day outside of quarantine. Wear clothes as if you are commuting to classes or work. Your online presence matters and you might need to switch on your camera during meetings or calls. So, rather than wearing those fluffy pyjamas, wear a nice and presentable outfit instead.

Create a dedicated study space

Create a space that you only use for studying or working; it will allow you get into a productive state quicker and with less effort. Although it is tempting, this space cannot be your bed or sofa. Admittedly, they are comfortable spaces to warm up with your laptop, but they negatively affect your negativity.

A simple table and a comfy chair can work just fine. But you can make it hygge – light up a candle or pick up a spot in your home that has the ideal lighting and enjoy the sun. Make sure to personalise the study space. Add plants, pictures, your favourite figurines, or inspirational quotes – if that’s your thing.


Engaging in study from home does not have to be boring or needlessly complicated. You can merge our recommendations with your own tips and tricks and establish a schedule that would give even the most productive entrepreneurs a run for their money.

Do not forget to take regular breaks and utilise your free time for the things that make you smile and lift your spirit. Sometimes working or taking online courses from home can trick you into sitting in front of your PC for hours. Ensure you are remaining as healthy and active as you can.

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