Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations – 2021

Welcome to our official 2021 rankings for Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations!

In a survey of over 30,000 international students, most of the respondents indicated that, when deciding where to study abroad, they choose country first over a university or specific type of program. They also indicated what they consider the most important factors when choosing a study abroad destination. Their feedback was used to create this list ranking the Top Study Abroad Destinations!

The rankings are based on these 7 factors:

  1. To achieve my career goals
  2. To develop myself personally
  3. To experience a new culture or lifestyle
  4. To access higher quality teaching
  5. To have an adventure
  6. To make new friends or widen my professional network
  7. To learn a new language

Top 5 Study Abroad Destinations – 2021

#5 – United States

For a lot of students looking for study abroad destinations, the United States offers endless opportunities to find your ideal study abroad experience. Stretched between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this vast country provides a unique experience in each individual state. Labelling the United States the haven of opportunities may not be an overstatement: the nation is ranked fifth in the world for access to great quality teaching and culture and way of life! If you want to have some fun between classes, this is a great option. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on the Californian coast, sample the best tacos in Texas, or work your way to Wall Street in New York, why not make the “home of the brave” your home, too?

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#4 – Switzerland

The quality of life is extraordinary in Switzerland, and so is the quality of education. While the Swiss are globally known for their chocolate, watches, cheese, and army knives, are you aware that their universities are also of the highest degree? Providing a state-of-the-art environment for students and researchers, Swiss institutions are regularly highly ranked. Home to the European HQ of the United Nations, Switzerland’s large foreign population makes it easy for students overseas to meet people from around the world. A beautiful nation rich in striking views and world-class cities, Switzerland is also regarded as one of the safest nations in the world, so students can always feel at ease exploring their new home.

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#3 – Germany

Third in the world and first in Europe, Germany is a famous study abroad destination. Whether you are interested in the urban atmospheres of cities like Berlin, Munich, or Frankfurt or the fairy tale towns of Freiburg and Marburg, you are assured a world-class education at a good price! Foreign students, notwithstanding EU citizenship, can school at the undergraduate or graduate level in Germany without paying. Take that tuition money and put it towards a giant mug of Weissbier and a bratwurst, a train ticket to a neighbouring European country, or entrance to one of many festivals in the country. The opportunities don’t end when you finish your studies. As the biggest economy in Europe, Germany is well-positioned to help you accomplish your career goals.

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#2 – Australia

Take a trip “Down Under” and find out why Australia is a brilliant pick for an exceptional study abroad experience. With nine unique regions and twenty UNESCO World Heritage locations like the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, there is a lot to explore. Whether you want to be close to the tranquillity of the Gold Coast beaches or the feel of the Australian Alps, you will certainly find your home in Australia. Australia has a number of top universities in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Australia ranked third for the possibility of making new friends and seventh in personal growth, proving the nation has more to give than just a great education. 

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#1 – Canada

Well-known for its untouched natural beauty, sociable and welcoming locals, and a culture of acceptance and multiplicity, Canada is a clear choice for students looking to study overseas. Canadian universities are known for their technological innovations, especially in the fields of computer and information technologies. While the costs of tuition are significantly lower, its universities can rival those of the US or UK. Thanks to their policy of multiculturalism, Canada is very diverse and welcomes people from all over the world. Most Canadians speak English, but French is the mother tongue of a fifth of the population so it’s a great place to brush up on both languages. There’s also a lot to learn outside of the classroom, particularly for nature lovers who can hike, ski, climb, and swim their way through its immense wilderness. You can do all of this knowing that Canada is also considered a safe and friendly environment!

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