Master’s Degree in Marketing – Career Opportunities

Have you considered obtaining a Master’s Degree in Marketing? With a broad range of roles across all industries, in all parts of the world, a career in marketing is a renowned choice. This competitive industry has a fast-changing and lively nature, requiring marketers to remain at the vanguard of trends and changes.

From assistant positions to leading large corporations, marketing provides fantastic opportunities for driven workers. Whether you wish to unleash your creative side or show off your planning skills, the skills required are varied and in-demand. A Master’s degree in Marketing can afford you a competitive edge, assisting you to stand out from the crowd and discover your dream marketing position.

Below, you’ll discover five top marketing positions and the relevant skills a Master’s degree in Marketing will offer you:


Digital marketing executive – Master’s Degree in Marketing

The digital marketing scene is a competitive space for companies, and it requires a special skill set to get an organization noticed. This is demonstrated in the growth of digital marketing job positions, with more importance concentrated on this area of marketing than ever before.

One study discovered that 61% of surveyed organization plan to add digital marketers to their team this year. Every day is not the same for digital marketers, they need a comprehension of various channels, content marketing and SEO, to a name few. With digital marketing only continuing to develop, it is a fast-paced and exciting position you can latch onto. 

Brand manager – Master’s Degree in Marketing

A brand assists customers to identify a product or service and notably, differentiate it from others. It is important to businesses because the brand is how others recognize them; responsible for driving business and growing brand awareness.

It is the responsibility of a brand manager to build the brand image and personality, safeguarding the brand and making sure others follow set brand guidelines for consistency.

Social media specialist

Over the past decade, social media has radically changed the way that customers relate to businesses and vice versa. Customers now require one-to-one communication, instead of waiting a week for an email response. Business details and news are also transmitted through the medium of social media. This all needs maintenance, admin and a lot of ingenuity.

It is acknowledged that social media is an effective tool for marketers. One study discovered that 73% of marketers are of the opinion that social media marketing has been somewhat effective or very effective for their business. Social media promotions, social monitoring and involvement are all a part of a social media specialist’s everyday responsibilities.

Marketing Manager – Master’s Degree in Marketing

Marketing managers play a vital function in business. They manage the marketing team, working to identify trends, spot opportunities and create campaigns and strategy. The ultimate objective is to gain new customers and increase revenue.

As marketing teams become more data-focused, the responsibility falls on marketing managers to develop insights into data to influence their decision making. Communication is crucial, not just in their team, but also in how they relate their product or service to customers.

Market research analyst – Master’s Degree in Marketing

The idea of marketing has been around for a substantial amount of time, but there are some job labels that have only come into the limelight in recent years. One of these is market research analyst, and it is a position that is high in demand. In the United States alone, this position is projected to grow by 18% by 2029.

Strategy is of high significance to marketers, but research comes first. This job focuses on researching and reporting on market situations. Knowledge obtained from this research allows for effective and comprehensive marketing strategies and promotions.

Ready to take the next step?

Attaining a Master’s degree in Marketing is a brilliant way to move your career forward. During modules like Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy & Planning, you will learn innovative concepts of marketing, ready to move your career to the next stage.

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