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Victoria University Of Wellington Masters By Thesis Scholarship in New Zealand for 2023

Victoria University Of Wellington is now accepting applications for its partially funded Wellington Masters By Thesis Scholarship.

About Victoria University Of Wellington and Scholarship

The famous and internationally renowned Victoria University of Wellington is situated in the capital of New Zealand and provides an inclusive atmosphere for foreign students. The institution offers a wide range of programs spanning several fields, including arts, sciences, business, law, engineering, and more. It is renowned for its academic brilliance and research-led teaching. Victoria University provides students with the information and abilities necessary to succeed in their chosen disciplines by placing a strong focus on creativity, critical thinking, and the practical application of knowledge.

Studying at Victoria University of Wellington provides an exceptional and rewarding experience for overseas students. The institution values cultural diversity and cultivates a friendly atmosphere to make international students feel included and welcome. The campus offers cutting-edge facilities, contemporary libraries, research centers, and collaboration spaces, offering the perfect setting for education and individual development.


Victoria University also promotes cross-cultural exchanges among foreign students and supports global viewpoints. Numerous student groups, organizations, and activities foster cross-cultural interaction and provide chances to form relationships. Additionally, the institution offers extensive support services to ensure that overseas students have a seamless transition and a fruitful academic path. These services include academic advising, career counseling, housing aid, and student well-being resources.

Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington offers scholarships to students beginning a full-time, research-focused Master’s degree to support postgraduate research at the university. The scholarships are available to applicants who either already satisfy the qualifying requirements at the time of application or who will do so by the start of Trimester 2 in the following year. These people ought to be enrolling in a Master’s program with a thesis that is worth at least 90 points. Only the time that the student is actively enrolled in the thesis course, which for some students may be Part 2 of a two-year Master’s degree, will be covered by the grant.

Details about Victoria University Of Wellington Masters By Thesis Scholarship:

Scholarship Sponsor: Victoria University Of Wellington

Scholarship Value: $15,000 tax-free stipend for one year plus tuition fees

Number of awards: N/A

Study level: Masters

Host Institution(s): Victoria University Of Wellington


The Scholarship provides a $15,000 tax-free stipend for one year in addition to covering tuition costs (applied to domestic fees for 120 points only). The scholarship will be awarded to the student for the whole one-year period that they are registered in their thesis course.

The Scholarships Office will provide the first payment shortly after receiving notification of registration. The scholarship stipend will be given to recipients in monthly installments. Regarding the payment of fees, the Scholarships Office will communicate with the University directly. International students, except Australian students, are required to pay the difference between the full domestic fee and the international student fee. Without the approval of the University Scholarships Committee, the Wellington Masters by Thesis Scholarship cannot be co-tenured with any other scholarships that have a combined value of more than $6,000. It is crucial to keep in mind that co-tenure with other awards may lead to a reduction in the value of the scholarship stipend.

Eligibility Criteria for Victoria University Of Wellington Masters By Thesis Scholarship

All nationalities of overseas students are eligible for this grant. Candidates are urged to apply if they are qualified and eligible at the time of application or if they will be by the start of Trimester 2 the following year. These applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s program with a minimum 90-point thesis requirement. This might be the thesis course that counts for 90 points or more in the second half of a Master’s degree program, or it could be a thesis that counts for 90 points or more in a one-year Master’s program. Course numbers 591 or 592 are commonly used to identify the master’s thesis.

It is crucial to note that, as long as it is conducted by the University’s requirements for a Master’s by Thesis (please refer to section 6 of those regulations), students pursuing a portfolio course of 90 points or more are also eligible. However, these funds are not available to students taking a 60-point dissertation course.

Ideally, candidates should have earned a Bachelor’s degree or the first phase of a Master’s degree from an accredited New Zealand university, exhibiting academic achievement comparable to a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 7.0. The University Research Scholarships Committee reserves the right to establish a higher criterion if the number of applicants exceeds the amount of money available. It should be noted that a GPA of 7.0 acts as the minimum requirement.

Application Process for Victoria University Of Wellington Masters By Thesis Scholarship

All scholarship applications must be submitted using the Community Force portal. To be considered, an online application must be submitted in its entirety by 4.30 p.m. on the specified closing date. Applications that are incomplete or sent after the deadline won’t be taken into consideration. Any further information, including references, must be sent by 4.30 p.m. on the due date for the application to be taken into consideration.

Typically, applications become available one month before the deadline. Check back again closer to the closing date if there isn’t an application link on the website. Contact the school if you have any queries. You can also visit the official website for further details.

The Submission Deadline is: 1st of November, 2023

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